Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th May 2023 Written Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th May 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in.

Sahiba says Seerat is the life of their house and they have lost Seerat’s smile because of Garry. Ajith says he remembered everything and is surprised by Angad’s proposal. Sahiba says he should go reject Angad’s proposal. As a result of rejecting Angad’s proposal, Sahiba and Angad may end their relationship. Sahiba insists Seerat reject Angad’s proposal and says they should think about the torture she will experience. Taiji gives Seerat water. Santosh asks her not to rush.

As Sahiba asks, why didn’t they reject Angad’s proposal immediately? Ajith says he wanted to, but stopped because of Santosh. As Sahiba continues to argue, Santosh continues to urge them to accept Angad’s proposal as he must have thought it through before making such a decision. Sahiba asks Seerat to speak. When She must use her brain to decide a decision from her heart, Seerat says what she should say.

As soon as Angad returns home, Jasleen gives Garry a gift and signals him to give it to Angad. Angad walks to his parents and asks about Sahiba. She said she had gone to her family to convince them to accept her decision. In trying to fix Garry’s life, he forgot his birthday. They should go out for dinner now at least. Manveer says Angad should follow his responsibilities to his younger siblings. Garry walks to Angad and says he needs to speak. Manveer says Angad should follow his responsibilities.

Despite opposing Angad’s decisions, Seerat finds them logical and asks Sahiba why Angad is making decisions for her life without letting her. When Santosh walks in, he should listen to her logic that Seerat’s marriage has been cancelled twice and she will not receive any further proposals, so Angad’s decision is a blessing.

Ajith says he will visit Brars and politely reject Angad’s proposal. Sahiba says she will return home and inform them about his decision. Santosh tries to convince her not to reject the proposal. Then Garry gives Angad a birthday gift and says he asked him for his decision. He says he was only informing him and asking Seerat if she wants to spend her life with a cheap, characterless man. After the marriage, he tells him he should keep Seerat happy and he should leave Brar’s mansion.

Jasleen, who is hiding at the door, tells Garry that this marriage is a ticket to entry into this house. Garry walks to Akaal and accepts Angad’s proposal. When Akaal says they should wait for Seerat’s parents to decide, Sahiba returns home and says her father has decided not to. Akaal questions whether he said that or if she forced him to. Sahiba says her father is mature enough to make decisions. When she enters her bedroom, Angad is sleeping in the dark.

Sahiba notices Santosh sent Angad’s favourite dish and thinks Santosh sent her approval. She offers him the dish and says a person can think better with a full stomach.

Sahiba isn’t sure what will happen with Garry and Seerat’s marriage. Garry isn’t able to fix a ring on Seerat’s finger during the engagement. Angad fixes it, surprising Sahiba.

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