Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th September 2023 Written Update


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The Brars prepare for the party. The ladies choose jewelry for them. Gurleen chooses one for Manveer. Japjyoth asks her to try another. Gurleen then asks Seerat to pick a necklace for herself. She chooses a necklace and asks how it is. She says it is good, but she chose it for Sahiba, so she should change it.

As Seerat’s elder sister, Sahiba ruled over her half of their lives, so Seerat ought to get a better set, Prabjyoth says. Sahiba walks to them. Japjyoth takes the set from Seerat and tries it on Sahiba. It’s too heavy for her, says Sahiba. They just want to show everyone that she’s the Brar family’s elder DIL. Gurleen says Sahiba should wear that necklace tomorrow; Angad will be mesmerized by her.

Angad rushes in and asks how did the mirror break, if she was hurt. Seerat is jealous and walks to her room. She wonders why fate does injustice to her, why fate taunts her. She imagines Sahiba taunting her and breaking the mirror. If she was hurt, she asks why fate unfairly treats her. Whatever she likes leaves here, why god does injustice to her. Sahiba walks in.

After noticing her, Seerat reminds Angad that when he picked her up from the party he said she was beautiful. Angad agrees. Seerat says if he remembers she told him in an inebriated state, Sahiba breaks down. Seerat recalls that she asked him not to tell anyone, especially Sahiba, that she loved him. Angad tells her not to talk about that night and not to tell Sahiba about it again.

Sahiba asks why? Angad nervously asks what is she doing here. Sahiba asks if she shouldn’t come here where he and Seerat are. Seerat acts as apologizing Angad. Sahiba asks why Angad hid such a big fact. Seerat tells Sahiba that it was the right thing to do not let Sahiba know about it. Angad tries to explain.

It’s like this mirror, Sahiba says, it’ll never rebuild once it’s broken. She runs away from there. Seerat grins. Sahiba recalls Keerat’s advice to ask Angad if he loves her. Angad approaches her and asks to listen to her, but Sahiba says she doesn’t want to, but he insists that she does as he does not want any confusion between them. Sahiba remembers the event and says Seerat shouldn’t have said I love you, whether she was intoxicated or not.

He says she told him she trusted him, but she doesn’t. Sahiba says the culprit accuses the victim instead. There is an argument. Sahiba continues to accuse him. According to Angad, whatever Seerat believes is beyond his control, she doubts him. Sahiba replies yes. Angad then walks out. Seerat watches them hide as he walks away.

In remembrance of Angad’s love for Seerat before their marriage, Sahiba tears up. Angad doesn’t seem to have told her he no longer loves Seerat. The song Yaar Bedardeya plays in the background. Gurleen takes Sahiba back to her family, who show her their party and try to cheer her up. Angad approaches them. Sahiba ignores him. Angad walks away. Sahiba looks for him.


Sahiba kisses Angad and says their togetherness was only until here and leaves with her bag. When she returns the keys to Japjyoth, she says she can’t fulfill the family’s responsibility she was given. Japjyot asks her what the problem is. She walks out of the house, saying she should ask Angad.

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