Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th March 2023 Written Episode Update


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She scolds Ajith when she sees rats at home. Seeing Jasleen and Kiara, she angrily opens the door with a broom and stick. Jasleen asks if they arrived at the wrong time. Santosh welcomes them and signals Ajith and Taiji to clean up the mess soon. She says it’s just 3 rats which are troubling them and silently asks Kulcha to bring biscuits from the bakery. Jasleen asks Santosh to call Seerat. Seerat walks down and is surprised to see them. Angad’s proposal was referred to Sahiba, so Jasleen personally came here to present Garry and Seerat’s proposal.

As she shows them a diamond necklace, she says that she has bought many of these for her DIL. Ajith rejects her proposal. Jasleen tells Seerat that Garry has repented and accepted this alliance. Garry is being punished by Angad and his family for his actions.

The proposal is rejected again by Ajith. Jasleen is concerned about Seerat’s future and likes her. Ajith says they can’t ruin Seerat’s life for a cheap guy like Garry. Kiara rudely says there are many girls who want to marry her brother. She asks her child to stop misbehaving with elders and says one of her children is arrogant, but the other ought to behave.

Jasleen urges Ajith to forgive Garry and accept this proposal. Ajith refuses, asking her to take her jewellery away. Jasleen says it is a matter of both children’s lives. Santosh tells Seerat that Jasleen is right. Seerat says she wants to speak to someone before taking any decision. Ajith asks if she wants to speak to Sahiba. Angad welcomes Seerat and asks the servant to bring coffee. Seerat tells him she came to talk about Garry betraying her yesterday and the birthday gift he sought. Angad says he knows her answer is no.

According to Seerat, her decision will depend on his answer. Although she doesn’t know whether Garry is really repenting, she knows that Angad cares about her happiness. The servant brings coffee. Seerat picks a hot cup and burns her finger. Angad becomes concerned and orders ice. Seerat says it’s okay. She asks him to promise her that he will take care of her similarly even when Garry’s bride reaches his home. Angad says he doesn’t want her to live a life of hiding. Seerat asks him to promise her this as well.

Sahiba reaches the shop and asks Kulcha why the accounts book is so bad. Kulcha says their regular customers have stopped giving them orders now that they think she is A Brar DIL and will not work. She orders him to bring tea for them and Seerat for her visits from now on.

Seerat says she can’t trust anyone, especially Garry, and will marry him only if he promises that he will not let anything go wrong with her and will always take care of her; he forgives her even after breaking his heart, but his family still hates her and she needs his support. Angad says Sahiba is already present in Brar mansion and is Angad’s biggest support.

When Keerat meets Sahiba, he asks if she forgot her when she was away for tournaments. Sahiba says she’s in her heart. Keerat asks why she’s asking about Seerat, who’s not at home. Seerat tells Angad that Sahiba opposed her and Garry’s marriage, but sometimes she feels that Angad understands her better than she does.

It is Angad’s promise to Seerat that she will have no problems in Brar’s mansion that convince her to marry Garry. Seerat breaks down and says that she trusts Angad more than Sahiba.


She doesn’t know what new turn Angad’s decision will bring in their lives. Angad fixes Seerat’s engagement ring when Garry fails. Sahiba looks at him in shock.

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