Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th February 2023 on

Sai tells Pakhi she is here for her son and to remove the toxicity infused by Pakhi in her son’s mind. Pakhi asks what kind of mother is putting her son in pain just to satisfy her ego. Sai says she’s teaching her son to face problems rather than get scared of them and she won’t proceed until her son is free of fear against her. She asks Sai if she will worsen Vinu’s condition more, but Sai replies that she will improve Vinu’s condition. Omkar walks to the garden with Sonali, sipping alcohol, and explains that the weather is changing.

She says she doesn’t know the weather, but Bhavani has changed since she once supported Sai and then criticised her. Omkar asks Sonali to stop talking about it and plays Jab Andhera Hota Hai Aadhi Raat Ke Baat.. on his mobile. Sai hears that and gets the idea to get Vinu out of the room. Sonali doesn’t like it.

After inspecting a lady constable at the hospital the next day, Sai notices an injury to her hand. Pakhi calls a technician to fix Vinu’s air purifier. Ashwini walks in and asks what it is. The constable claims she fell from a stool while cleaning her new quarters. Ashwini says a child who used to run around is not getting out of his room, which Pakhi blames on Sai and Virat. Pakhi says she is doing what a mother can for Vinu.

As a technician demonstrates the use of an air purifier, Sai asks the constable if she means she fell from her stool when cleaning the house. Constable says yes. Sai has many more injuries which depict domestic violence and asks if her husband or in-laws physically abuse her. Constable becomes anxious. She goes to get ointment for her and leaves uninformed.

As Ninad teaches Savi song, he says she is also unmelodious, just like him. As Ashwini feels happy seeing them bonding, she makes Savi sit on her lap. Ninad says that just because she heard the word real, she will use it for every relationship. Her friends are coming, so Savi asks her to make chakli/snacks.

Ninad says a child’s entry has made their own environment lively. Ashwini agrees. Savi leaves happily. Ashwini says her granddaughter is happy while her grandson is sad. Ninad says Sai will fix everything right. As Pakhi said, Ashwini says Sai is responsible for the problems and shouldn’t stay in this house.

As Savi’s friends ask why she arranged the party at Vinu’s house, Sai says it is also Savi’s house since Savi and Vinu are siblings. Friends ask if Savi is her daughter, and why is Vinu, not her son. Sai says Vinu is her son.

The friends want to play a police-thief game with Vinu. Sai says Savi has called him out. Savi visits Vinu and asks what the machine is. Vinu answers it’s an air purifier. She asks him to come outside and play with her so he can get fresh air.

When Savi asks Vinu to reconcile with her aayi, Vinu refuses and says he won’t come out until her aayi is here. Pakhi walks in and asks Savi not to force Vinu. Pakhi says that a mother who doesn’t know what game her son is playing with her under the pretext of a game cannot let her son out to play in the fresh air and use an air purifier. Bhavani asks what kind of mother she is.

Bhavani says her fear is preventing Vinu from growing up properly. Vinu’s friends call him out to play. Pakhi stops Savi from getting close to Vinu. Bhavani tells Savi Pakhi that is wrong and walks away. Savi hugs Sai and sadly says Vinu doesn’t want to play with her. Sai says she can play with her friends and hopes Vinu comes out.

Friends ask who will be the police. Savi says she will and walks out wearing an inspector’s dress. Friends say she looks like a real police officer. Savi says she is an officer’s daughter. A friend challenges Savi to find them in five minutes and hide. Savi starts catching them one by one. One of the friends hides in Vinu’s room while Pakhi forces Vinu to study. A friend asks Vinu not to reveal his location to Savi.

Game continues. Ninad and Ashwini also enjoy Savi’s play. Virat enters next. Sai says her daughter is sharp in such games. Virat says she is like her baba. Sai looks at him. Virat says she is also her daughter.

Pakhi takes lunch to Virat’s office and feeds him. Sai walks in, apologizes for disturbing them, and says she wants to file an official complaint. Pakhi asks her to come after lunch break. Sai leaves.

Sai’s auto is hit from behind by a speeding car.

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