Faltu 22nd April 2023 Written Episode Update

Dadi explains the importance of the lotus flowers to the boys. Govind and Janardhan tell the girls that it will be difficult to find more lotuses on Akshay Tritiya Day. They ask the girls to take care of it. Faltu is eager to worship in the Mittal family for once, but Ayaan forbids him from doing so.

Dadi and the other members of the house notice that all the flowers have been destroyed. Sumitra begins her drama, by explaining it may not be God’s wish that she should be worshipped in this house. Janardan feels outrageous and asks Sid to look at the camera. However, Sumitra handles the situation according to her own rules. According to Sumitra, that’s an ominous sign.

Sumitra suddenly pretends she has realised the reason for this poor indication. She blames Faltu for all these tantrums. Faltu is not the Lakshmi of this house, Dadi rebukes her. Janardan tells Sid to search the market and bring the flowers by hook or crook. He also asks for the CCTV footage to be reviewed. She promises herself that she will bring the flowers to the Mittal family no matter what.

Faltu and Ayaan go to the market to find Lotus flowers, but no one finds them. Ayaan asks Faltu to come in the home, but Faltu is reluctant to return. She asks an individual where she would get the Lotus flowers. The individual points out a pond with many Lotus flowers, but also a lot of snakes in it. Faltu, in the shore, wonders how she can get to the water. Eventually, she begins to pluck one lotus at a time.

Govind also confirms that he failed to arrange lotus flowers for the Mittal family. Sumitra asserts again that Faltu should not be assigned to this family. Tanisha and Kanika are also blamed. Tanisha advised Sumitra before spoiling the puja. Sumitra understands Tanisha’s gesture. Jamana rebukes Sumitra for her dramatic behaviour.

Faltu is plucking the Lotus in the pond when suddenly she feels something strange, but she pacifies herself by thinking of Matarani. She prays to God for help and continues to pluck flowers. After she has completed her task, she feels a wound in her leg. Even though she fears that a snake has bitten her, she ignores this fact and heads towards home. Here, Ayaan doesn’t find Faltu anywhere and searches for Faltu. As she runs, Faltu feels aches in her leg, but she must do haste. Brahmin also advises Dadi to hurry because time is running out.

In response to Dadi’s request to begin puja without Lotus, Faltu appears at the door and says she plucked the flowers, making the evil jealous. Faltu confesses to having been bitten by a snake and lost her senses after Aryaan notices something wrong in her gesture.

Faltu is admitted to a nursing home, and Ayaan is tense about Faltu’s fate. The dialysis begins.

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