Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba’s Secret Revealed


Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Police and the Brars continue their search for Angad while Sahiba seeks refuge under her aide Prakash’s truck. As Prakash stops at a path lab, Sahiba wonders why he is there and decides to follow him. Meanwhile, Angad realizes he must escape Seerat’s place before she carries out her plan. However, Seerat enters with crackers and sets them off around Angad, causing him to panic. He demands an explanation, to which Seerat reveals she is celebrating her upcoming wedding. In an attempt to make her reveal her true intentions, Angad comments that it’s good she is moving on.

Upon giving the blood sample to the lab receptionist, Prakash bribes her and says this is the most significant policy. She says they don’t take direct samples, either the patient must come here or they will come to the patient. She accepts the sample and asks for the patient’s name and age. Sahiba thinks the late 20s means Angad. He says the patient is a male in his late 20s.

Hansraj updates Brars on Prabjot’s unreachable phone and leads them to the medical shop where Prabjot had previously bought Manveer’s medications with Sahiba. Seerat reveals to Angad that she is engaged to Amar Sengupta Basu/ASB, who is also Angad’s acquaintance. Excitedly, Angad suggests throwing a celebratory pre-wedding feast filled with food and music. Seerat prepares the meal while enjoying the music and brings it to him. She fondly recalls how she used to bring him meals when he stayed at his family’s guest house before pouring wine into their glasses.

Then Angad asks if they can have a candlelight dinner. She agrees and gets candles. He mixes hypnotic pill powder into the wine glass. After returning with candles, she asks if he has tasted local wine. He asks how he can do without her and offers a glass. She says let’s take selfies. He says we have to have a wife first. A video showing the hands of Angad mixing powder plays.


After a small boy runs to injured Sahiba, he calls her mamma and asks her to wake up because they need to search for Baba. The boy disappears, and Sahiba touches her stomach, revealing her pregnancy.

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