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Japjyoth inquires Angad about when he intends to take Sahiba for a doctor’s checkup, emphasizing its significance for both the mother and the baby. Angad defers the discussion, stating that they will talk about it later. Sahiba receives a phone call from Kiara and moves aside to attend to it. Kiara informs her that Jatin is on his way to meet her at a restaurant. Sahiba advises Kiara not to mention that Sahiba will also be present, as it might alert Jatin. Kiara agrees and suggests they go separately to avoid raising suspicions within the family. Kiara arrives at the restaurant and meets Jatin. She presents him with a “Best Dad” mug and shares her decision to keep the baby. Jatin becomes angry and insists on her aborting the baby.

At that moment, Sahiba enters and declares that the decision of whether to keep the baby or not should be Kiara’s alone. Jatin questions Sahiba’s presence and asserts that they don’t need her advice, as they can handle their issues themselves. He asks Kiara to send Sahiba away or he will leave. Sahiba asserts that she will not leave and will not let him go. Kiara reveals that Sahiba used her name instead of her own during the pregnancy test. Jatin demands that Kiara abort the baby if she wants to focus on her promising career in interior design.

Sahiba argues that Kiara can achieve anything with Jatin’s support and questions the stereotypes placed on women. She cites numerous examples of married women who have achieved great success in both their personal and professional lives. Sahiba suggests that Jatin marry Kiara as soon as possible.

Jatin becomes more anxious and expresses his unpreparedness for marriage. Sahiba points out that it is already late, considering Kiara’s pregnancy. She urges him to bring his family for an alliance before their secret is discovered. Jatin reveals that his family is in Mumbai while he is in Ludhiana due to his business. Sahiba advises him to think it through and visit the Brar mansion within a day or two. Sahiba receives a call from Santosh and steps aside to take it. Kiara goes to the washroom, and Jatin tries to leave.

While conversing with Santosh, Sahiba insists that she doesn’t need any gifts for the good news. As she turns around, she sees Jatin at the door and informs him that their discussion is not yet complete. Jatin claims it is already done, as Kiara is in the washroom, and he is leaving. Kiara rejoins them and informs Sahiba that Jatin is nervous due to the hurried nature of everything. Jatin departs.

Sahiba waits for a taxi and observes Jatin engaged in a conversation with someone. She then sees him place a toy in the backseat of his car before driving away. She follows him in an auto and is shocked to discover that he has a wife and daughter. Sahiba continues to follow them to a restaurant and calls Kiara, instructing her to meet her at the specified location. Kiara arrives, and Sahiba takes her inside the restaurant. Meanwhile, Angad recalls Sahiba’s announcement of her pregnancy. Surinder calls Angad and informs him that Sahiba’s shop has been repaired and warns the shopkeepers not to trouble Sahiba’s family again. Angad hangs up the call and ponders over the surprise Sahiba has given him. Kiara is stunned to see Jatin with another woman and a child. Sahiba reveals that they are Jatin’s wife and daughter.


Sahiba recalls the Brar family insulting her qualifications and demanding that she stop working, as her identity is solely based on being a Brar daughter-in-law. She hands some papers to Angad and questions whether a husband cannot support his wife’s happiness when a wife is expected to be happy in her husband’s happiness.


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