Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 27th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 Written Episode – 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Ram discussing the wedding preparations with Shalini and Alekha. They insist that he participate in the haldi ceremony and suggest he change into suitable clothes. Ram gets dressed in a yellow kurta and joins the Haldi ritual. Everyone compliments him and applies Haldi to him. Meanwhile, Priya’s family also celebrates her haldi ceremony, and they apply haldi to her as well. Kriti observes the proceedings from a distance, and Shreya approaches her to inquire about what’s happening. Kriti reveals that Shardul intentionally creates this confusion and expresses her intention to tell everyone that she loves Ram.

Shreya advises her to seize the opportunity and go and inform Ram that she is ready to marry him. In the midst of the celebrations, Priya receives a call from the clinic. Anju intervenes and urges Priya not to take any calls at that moment. Anju checks a message about an emergency case and decides to inform Ram. She messages Ram and sends him a picture of Priya. Ram assumes that she wants a compliment from him. Anju playfully remarks that she is sending Ram the pictures and eagerly awaits his reply. Priya requests Anju to keep some things private and worries about the situation.

Gaurav captures pictures of Ram and shares them with Priya. He also sends Ram pictures of Priya. Anju proposes that Priya initiate a video call with Ram. Ram and Priya engage in a conversation, as the family members joyfully embrace them. Shalini instructs Kriti and Shreya to go and bring Ram. Kriti, however, states that she is not like Ram’s sister and wants to talk to Shalini privately. She reveals that Ram and she have been hiding something from her.

Shalini responds by saying that she already knew about Shardul and Kriti and that she has no problem with it. Kriti is taken aback and asks for clarification. Shalini acknowledges Kriti’s love for Shardul and informs her that they will discuss it later, as the focus should currently be on Ram and Priya’s wedding. Kriti insists that Shalini should inform Priya, and if Priya can’t handle it, Ram won’t forgive Shalini. She suggests that Shalini go and convince Ram to disclose the truth. Sanjeev expresses his desire to handle all of Priya’s work, as he may not get this chance again.

Priya and her family engage in a conversation, and Sanjeev praises Priya’s simplicity, beauty, and smile. Ritika suggests that Sanjeev can start Priya’s fan club. Priya inquires about the wedding hall booking, and Sanjeev assures her that everything will be as she desires. Priya expresses her gratitude, and Sanjeev reveals that witnessing his daughter’s marriage is a significant moment for him. He is willing to go to great lengths to make her happy and reminisces about the happiness he experienced at the time of her birth. Priya’s only wish is for her parents to be happy.

Ritika advises her not to cry and ruin her makeup. Priya reassures them that the marriage is fake and lasts only three months, so she won’t cry. Meanwhile, Ram is engrossed in a work call when Kriti brings him a sherwani. Ram refuses to wear it, stating that he is discussing his marriage with his family. The person on the call congratulates him on his wedding day and wishes him a happy married life. Sona and the others insist that Ram get ready soon. Ram indulges in stress eating and declares that he won’t wear the sherwani. Alekha suggests he handle the situation and change his attire. Shreya remarks that Alekha sounds like a boss, but Alekha clarifies that she is his best friend and has the right to speak up. Ram finally agrees to wear a sherwani of his choice. Kriti, on the other hand, is determined to break this marriage.

Ram reveals the truth to Shalini and confesses that he wants to marry Kriti. Shalini faints, leaving Ram shocked, and Kriti watches on.


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