Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th June 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan – 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

Ajith calls Angad to inquire about Sahiba as her phone is unreachable. Angad assumes Ajith wants to congratulate Sahiba and asks if he doesn’t know that Sahiba is pregnant. Ajith celebrates the news and congratulates Angad. Angad ends the call. Manveer and Inder express their anger, unable to accept that Angad accepted Sahiba and consummated their marriage. They find it difficult to digest. Inder suggests that Angad might have consummated with Sahiba while he was intoxicated. Manveer argues that Angad remains in control even when drunk and begins to doubt Sahiba’s character. He speculates that she may be having an affair and questions why they didn’t investigate her background before getting her married to Angad. Angad overhears their conversation.

Kiara meets Jatin at a restaurant, and he initially appears happy upon hearing about her pregnancy. However, he suggests that she abort the baby, claiming it will hinder her career growth. Kiara calls Sahiba and informs her about Jatin’s suggestion. Sahiba is shocked and questions how he could propose such a thing. Angad overhears their conversation and asks Sahiba who she is speaking to. He reminds her that they are married and insists on knowing if there is someone else in her life besides him. Sahiba urges him not to say anything he may regret later. Angad stands there, fuming.

Later, Sahiba calls Kiara again, who reveals that she wants to keep her baby, but Jatin believes it will affect her career. Sahiba suggests that if Jatin truly loves her, they should get married and plan their careers together. She mentions that if Jatin disagrees, she will have a conversation with him directly. Kiara explains that Jatin doesn’t answer her calls at night because he needs proper rest, and promises to inform Sahiba about his response the next day.

Sahiba notices multiple missed calls from Keerat and calls her back. Keerat congratulates her and expresses excitement about becoming an aunt. Santosh also congratulates her and offers tips for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Later, Japjyoth feeds sweets to Sahiba and reminisces about the happiest moment of her life when Angad was born. She declares that she is even happier now as Sahiba is making her a great-grandmother. Jasleen and Seerat join them. Japjyoth urges Seerat to take proper care of her sister. Prabjyoth suggests that Seerat should also become pregnant soon to give a sibling to Sahiba’s child.

Seerat feels sad, realizing that her husband doesn’t pay much attention to her. Jasleen taunts Sahiba, suggesting that she doesn’t look happy because she wants to work. Prabjyoth supports her argument. An argument ensues, and Manveer joins them. Jasleen congratulates Sahiba but notes that she doesn’t seem genuinely happy. Prabjyoth murmurs her doubts about Sahiba’s connection to Angad. Jasleen asks her to repeat what she said, and Hansraj intervenes, stating that she uttered something nobody wants to hear. The drama continues.


Sahiba recalls the Brar family insulting her qualifications and demanding that she stop working. She hands divorce papers to Angad, declaring that if a husband cannot support his wife, it’s better they separate.


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