Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 1st June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st JUne 2023 on

Priya sees Yuvraj with Alika. Ram takes care of his mom. Time passes. Kriti tells Ram about her modelling assignment. He asks her to sign it. She tells him I need to be single for a year, so can you wait for me? Ram says yes, I’ll talk to Mom. She hugs him.

Seeing Yuvraj makes Priya sad. She gets ready for work. She goes to breakfast with her dad. Yuvraj comes home. Anju says finally, he has time to show his face. They leave so Yuvraj and Priya can talk. Yuvraj asks how are you, is everything fine, I loved you, and I wanted someone to support my dreams, Alika has helped Ram, and she will help me as well.

Priya says it is too late to say this, you are not guilty, come to the point. He says Alika and my relationship is getting fixed today. Ritika and Anju hear him. Yuvraj says I wanted to tell you about it. Priya says I won’t pull any stunts, I won’t do any drama, go and enjoy your function. He leaves. Priya cries. Ritika says Yuvraj left Priya for money. Anju says I will defame him. Ritika says I’m proud to be your daughter. Anju says I will expose Yuvraj.

Alika expresses that her life has undergone a positive transformation as she and Yuvraj are incredibly happy together. She acknowledges that her father has given his approval for their relationship and expresses gratitude to Ram for organizing the function. Ram responds by saying he would do anything for her and expresses his surprise, stating that he can’t believe Alika and Sona are getting married. Alika, curious about Ram’s own romantic life, asks when he plans to get married and if he has informed his mother about his girlfriend, Kriti. Ram playfully deflects the question, saying not to interrogate him.

Kriti comes. Ram says Mum will understand everything. His mother looks on. Sona says the family drama is about to begin. Ram asks how to handle this. Kriti goes to Ram. Ram asks if she would like to come. He says Mum will dislike you. Kriti says yes, I want that, we won’t marry for a year.

Akhil and Yuvraj engage in a conversation, during which Yuvraj states that Alika loves him. However, Alika dismisses Yuvraj’s statement, telling him he is overreacting. She assures him that she will greet Yuvraj’s mother and then join them. Akhil says she will get me married. You ditched Priya for money, Akhil says, I broke Neha’s heart when I was with her, but you broke Priya’s faith, you were together for six years, you are disgusting. Yuvraj scolds him.

Kriti says you look fab. Ram’s mum taunts her. Ram’s mum says I want Ram to get married. Kriti says I will think about marriage after I reach 40-50. Ram watches. Anju says Yuvraj likes to marry a rich girl, I’ll see him, we’ll visit Alika’s house. Ritika says she knows Ram’s house, we’ll go there, a function is happening there. Ram talks with Kriti. He says I love my mum, I don’t want to hurt her. Kriti says she can’t force us, you should handle your mum, just worry about her, not me. She leaves.

As Alika says, Ram is stressed. Ram replies, “I don’t know what to do, how to balance both.” He orders food. Priya calls Anju. Anju disconnects. Priya calls Ritika and says she thinks her mom is upset, doesn’t leave her alone, she loves me a lot. Ritika says Mom always fights for you, and Priya asks where she is going.

Malhotra says he doesn’t know Yuvraj well, but he trusts Alika’s judgment. Priya asks Ritika to stop Anju from ruining Yuvraj’s function. Ram is praised by Malhotra, who says Alika can choose a good life partner if she can choose a good business partner. Anju says we are Kapoor’s family friends, Ram invited us. Guard says you can’t enter. Anju says we’ll get inside somehow.


A story about love is told by Ram. Priya arrives. Anju and Ritika speak to the media.

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