Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 31st July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Written episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 on, 31st July 2023.

Priya says she has some work to do. Ram asks her if she wants me to drop you off. She says no, it’s fine, you know everything. He stops her. He says nothing. She asks if we can meet in your office cafeteria. He asks if you want to eat the patties there.

She says I’m coming to meet you. Ram asks if it’s like a coffee date. She says fine, date, if it’s called so. She says I know you’re serious about your food, can we meet, I want a treat, don’t order a lot, no wastage. He says I eat whatever I order. She says don’t eat junk. She leaves. He proposes, “How about going on a date with me? What happened to Priya?”

Yuvraj says Priya didn’t come to the clinic, why did Shreya send me here, I’m sure she has something on her mind. Mitali asks Shreya if she did this. She says yes, she sent Yuvraj and Priya’s photos to her friends, so they will go viral, breaking news about Priya’s affair and who is the mystery man.

Yuvraj voices his concern, “Shreya intends to utilize our pictures, how do I explain this to Aleka?” Shreya comments, “Kriti served our purposes well, but Priya is meddling in everything; we must secure the signing of the will.” Mitali assures, “Don’t fret, we’ll make it happen.”

Word arrives that Priya is on her way to meet them. Ram remarks, “You see her intentions, she wanted to bring us together.” Shardul observes them while Aleka wears a smile.

Ram inquires, “How did she find out?” She responds, “Your messenger probably informed her.” He notices Shardul nearby. Priya sends an audio message, urging them to reconcile. Ram agrees, stating, “Yes, she’s correct. We should have a conversation.” He reprimands the PR person. She exclaims, “Oh dear, the media has arrived.” Shreya grins. Yuvraj contacts the office PR and inquires if there’s any news related to their company, expressing concern that significant news could harm their reputation.

Tell me if Shreya is here or not, he asks her. Shreya says yes, she is also here. Yuvraj says so. Reporters ask about Priya’s affair. Shreya and Shardul ask them to leave. Ram and Aleka arrive. Ram responds to the media’s question about Priya’s mystery man. He says there is nothing wrong with the photos, I have no problem with them, why are you making an issue?

He indicates that Priya is a respected independent and empowered woman, who is also a renowned dentist. He questions why he was being shown the photo, asking if they would make it breaking news if him and Aleka were caught having coffee. Taking into consideration that society has different rules for men and women, Shardul assures that he trusts his wife and will not see any differences between them. He then smiles before sending the reporters away with a warning not to speak ill of her.

In front of Mitali, Shalini says Priya is with her. Mitali says it got viral, is she having an affair? Shalini says she has nothing against Priya. Ram asks if everything is okay, where is Priya. Ram says it’s nothing, don’t worry, I’ll explain. She asks him to get here as soon as possible.

“Priya should be at her clinic,” Ram states. She contradicts, “No, she’s not there.” Mitali suggests, “Have some water; the truth will reveal itself.” He inquires, “Are you monitoring her?” She clarifies, “No, her assistant wants to meet you.” She dials Manushi. “I’m worried about Priya; she hasn’t been to the clinic for three days.”


Reporters trouble Shalini. Priya says this is being done to ruin my image, did you do it?

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