Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 26th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 – 26th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sanjeev urging Priya not to take Ram’s side. Priya, determined to cancel the marriage, expresses her intention to apologize to Shalini, recognizing her as a respectable woman deserving of that respect. Ram arrives home, and Anju invites him in. Despite his efforts to explain himself, Sanjeev insists that Ram come inside. Priya signals Ram, and he begins by apologizing sincerely. He takes responsibility for his mistake and acknowledges that any father wouldn’t want such a person for his daughter. Ram clarifies that he is not accustomed to alcohol and that his cousins wanted to celebrate, but he didn’t want to disappoint them. He explains that he is not defined by wealth but by his family, and that his cousins have a different lifestyle.

Ram expresses his love for food and his ambition to expand his business. He emphasizes that he values the relationship between Priya and Sanjeev and would do anything for the sake of their parents. Priya interrupts, urging him to stay on topic. Ram innocently continues, stating that he deeply respects Sanjeev and sees him as a father figure. He pleads for forgiveness on behalf of his mother, as breaking the marriage would break her heart. Ram expresses his commitment to marry Priya and keep his promise. Sanjeev becomes emotional and sheds tears.

Ram states that he will wait for Sanjeev’s call and come with the wedding procession if he is forgiven. He returns the watch, feeling that he doesn’t deserve it at the moment but hopes to wear it again when Sanjeev deems him worthy. Sanjeev acknowledges Ram’s sincerity and emotions but confesses that his heart is not convinced due to what he witnessed between Ram and the other girl. Ram receives a call from Kriti, who asks him to check the news. They discover news of Kriti and Shardul dating. Ram realizes it’s Shardul’s plan to extricate him from the situation. Priya reacts, realizing that Ram was dancing with Kriti because she is Shardul’s girlfriend. Ram confirms her suspicion, stating that Kriti is like his sister-in-law. Anju comments on their lovely bond.

Sanjeev finally understands that Kriti is Shardul’s girlfriend and embraces Ram, expressing regret for his earlier misunderstandings. Ram thanks him, and Sanjeev apologizes, acknowledging that Ram is the right person for Priya. Priya affirms that she had faith in Ram, and Sanjeev decides to call Ram’s mother and arrange the wedding procession for that day. Ram and Priya express their gratitude to each other, and Anju brings sweets to celebrate. Ram asks Priya for more sweets, and they share a light-hearted moment. Priya playfully teases Ram about his diet, and he thanks her.

Meanwhile, Shalini is at the temple, and Kriti approaches her to talk. Shalini receives a call from Sanjeev, who informs her that Ram’s wedding procession will take place that day. Shalini is delighted and agrees to attend. She shares the good news with Kriti and offers her sweets. Kriti becomes worried, and Shalini rushes to complete the Haldi ritual. Ram arrives and mentions an important ceremony that he needs to attend at the office. Shardul insists that the haldi ceremony is important, and everyone surrounds Ram. Meanwhile, Priya’s haldi ceremony takes place in her house. Shalini applies haldi to Ram.

Precap: Ram reveals the truth to Shalini, expressing his desire to marry Kriti. Shalini faints and Ram calls out to her in concern. Kriti watches the scene unfold.

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