Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th December 2023 Written Episode: Sahiba Exposes Yash’s Misdeeds!


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Sahiba assures Angad that she knows Yash’s possession of the junoon-e-dil diamond and his exploitation of Garry for personal gain. Curious, Angad asks her how she came to this conclusion. Sahiba explains that she witnessed Yash treating Garry harshly as if he were his servant. Angad defends Yash’s actions, stating that Garry is only concerned about his family’s well-being. Suddenly, they hear Santosh and Ajith approaching and join them outside. The couple kindly offers food to the Brars and invites them to stay at their humble home for as long as they need. Ajith acknowledges that their house may be small but is available anytime.

Akal, Ajith, Angad, and the Brars all express their views. Akal values his heart, while Ajith brings food for them. Angad believes Mongas’ request should be respected. The Brars begin eating. Simran notices she needs more pooris to save some for tomorrow. Keerat tells her she can have as many pooris as she wants today and promises to get fresh ones tomorrow, too. This makes Simran very happy. Sahiba has gone to get water for everyone when a wardboy unexpectedly shoves her into a store room and locks the door from outside. Sahiba calls for someone to open the door, and Garry comes to her. However, Sahiba still fears Garry’s presence and instead calls for Angad’s help.

Garry clamps his jaw shut, announcing his purpose for being there. Sahiba reaches for a mop and cautions him to keep his distance. Garry reveals that she was right about his parents; his father’s actions have been cruel and degrading, while his mother’s love has been boundless. He witnessed firsthand how selfish and unloving his father truly is. Sahiba inquires why he is confiding in her. Garry explains that the entire staff observed and recorded the altercation during the incident, making light of it. He proceeds to show Sahiba the video footage. She recalls hearing Garry’s father telling an assistant that he will cut ties with Garry once he completes his mission. Confirming her suspicions, Garry admits that he caused pain to his mother because of his father’s influence. Sahiba laments that Garry has lost something far more valuable than material wealth – he has lost the love of family due to living a false, lavish lifestyle.

Ajith asks Angad why he is not eating after Brars finishes their food. Angad says he is waiting for Sahiba to return, who has gone to get water for everyone. Sahiba returns. Ajith requests that Brars stay again. Akaal says they will return to the Brar mansion after Jasleen gets well, as they cannot allow Yash to take over it again. Inder says they must punish Yash and teach him something. Sahiba takes her to the store room again and says she wants to show him something.

After seeing Inspector Megha there, Sahiba tells Angad she is here to help them. Megha says she used to work for Yash, but now she wants to help him. Angad says he won’t fall for her trick again. Sahiba says she has Megha’s secret and will expose it in court if she doesn’t help them. Megha says Sahiba can’t do that and that Yash will do something Angad must stop and expose.

After Jasleen regains consciousness, Akaal and Japjot comfort her and explain the situation. They inform her that they are returning to the Brar mansion to stop Yash from taking over it and leaving Hansraj and Prabjot with Jasleen. In response to Yash’s aid’s question about Brars, he says he’ll think about them later, but first, he wants to get the diamond deal done.


In disguise as an airport employee, Parth offers a diamond bag on a trolley to a Russian client. Angad, disguised as a police officer, says he needs the trolley. Parth picks up the bag and runs away. The Russian catches Angad and calls security, saying this man has a gun.

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