Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Update

Prachi and Ranbir hug each other at the beginning of the episode, but it turns out to be her imagination. Prachi sees Ranbir and turns, covering herself with a shawl. Ranbir walks towards her and goes past her. Prachi gets tears in her eyes and leaves. He doesn’t see her face and assumes she was crying.

Kaya thinks there must be a story behind Prachi’s tears, and tells her someone must have broken her heart, and she hates women like her who let others take advantage of them. Prachi recalls Ranbir asking her to leave after blaming her for snatching their daughter. She cries. He collides with a girl, apologizes, and the girl smiles.

The boss greets Ranbir and other employees as he approaches his office. He hugs him and says good morning. Ranbir asks the boss why he is welcoming him. The boss says you brought my daughter from the airport. I dropped her off at the hotel too, Ranbir says.

He says your white lie was good, I was convinced when you told. Boss asks lie? Ranbir says you had told him that your daughter was shy, introverted and didn’t talk much, and that she isn’t helpless, but will make others helpless, and that she has a lot of attitude. According to him, I cannot handle anybody’s temperament, and I can’t handle all my anger. The boss says you’re too good. Ranbir says she asked me to sit as the driver. He says I don’t sit with your daughter and the driver.

She is my daughter, which is why I am thanking you so much, says the boss. He says Kaya messaged him that Mr. Manager wasn’t that bad. Ranbir asks what is wrong, that she is saying this. Malhotra’s boss calls Ranbir, and he answers. As he needs to be with Kaya, he asks Ranbir’s boss to give him leave. His boss advises him to ask him. Kaya refuses to go with Ranbir.

Ranbir appeals to his boss, Mr. Walia, to accompany his daughter, who had not returned home. However, after being reminded of the time he had thrown out her pet dog and subsequently been thrown out of her heart himself, Mr. Walia pleads with Ranbir to go and be with Kaya until she’s here. He warns that if he refuses, Kaya will double up his medicine dosage. The woman agrees with him and nods in acknowledgement. Mr. Walia expresses that Ranbir would understand the sentiment if he himself had a daughter – making the man emotional – before folding his hands in respect. Realizing the situation, Ranbir agrees and upon doing so, the woman orders pizza for everyone in celebration and to make everyone happy.

When Prachi sees Ranbir, she recalls her feelings from years ago. Even though she doesn’t have any relationship with Ranbir anymore, when she saw him, she wanted to run to him and hug him.

As she describes her feelings, she tells how to deal with them. She says she remembers everything, all the moments spent together, all the pain, sorrows, and wounds he gave me. Because of this, she wasn’t willing to come here, afraid of what would happen if he came near me. She asks God not to let him see her, so he will not feel that she is there at all.

He looks at the sky and asks God why he feels Prachi near him. Aryan asks him to tell him. He says Prachi shouldn’t wander away, and informs him that Vikram uncle was so concerned about her. Ranbir asks why? Aryan asks if you’re looking for someone who’s not alive in this world. Ranbir replies that until I am alive, she’ll be alive, and when I die, she’ll be dead. Aryan says she’s in your heart. Ranbir says I am not a kid anymore, and I feel her around me.

During the airport, Prachi hears him and asks why she felt him there as well. As Ranbir tells Pallavi that she is alive, he says you won’t understand because you never had anyone become your life. Pallavi asks what happened and Ranbir says he is eating her brain.

His scolding of Aryan doesn’t seem fair. Pallavi asks him not to scold him. She tells them to stay at home tomorrow. Ranbir says he has an important meeting. Pallavi asks Aryan to stay at home, since the girl’s family will be visiting him soon. From where did this marriage thing come from, Aryan asks.

Seeing as your mother is not here, Pallavi says I will be your mother now, and she likes the girl. She asks Ranbir to go and sleep, so that the girl will like him, and he will glow. Aryan gets tensed. Pallavi says you’ll get married now. Ranbir says he’ll take some time, then he’ll come. Pallavi tells him to get ready.

Prachi is sitting in the restaurant. Kaya comes there. Prachi says all tables are booked and asks her to sit with her if she wishes. Kaya sits down and introduces herself. She asks Prachi why she was crying. Ranbir rings Kaya’s hotel doorbell and calls her. She asks him to call her. He says hi. She asks why he called. She asks why he called. Ranbir asks her to leave so that she can attend the meeting.

Kaya says I am not in the room and asks him to come down, and have breakfast with her. She says you will talk less while eating. Ranbir wonders why I agreed to Mr. Walia. She tells Prachi she has called her manager to have breakfast with them. She says he is a good person, but he is quite arrogant and egotistic.

Ranbir calls her again and tells her that he’s requested the floor manager to open the door and he will wait in the room. Kaya ends the call, murmuring that maybe they weren’t meant to meet. She praises him for being good, but admits that he’s rather arrogant and egotistical. Prachi agrees, commenting that people often give off different vibes than their true selves—even if they promise everything at first, their real nature is eventually exposed. She adds that she’s met a few people like this before, who took away all of her hopes.

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