Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update

A reporter hesitates while Garry promises to pay her for this wedding coverage. He says many reporters are calling him for a bite, but he likes her. Garry promises to pay her and sees Seerat’s call and says he likes her. Garry is told to hurry up by Seerat as her wedding is just around the corner.

Angad thinks she is messaging him and asks her to prepare for the chuda/bangle ritual. Sudha amusi performs chuda ritual and ties kaleerein to Seerat’s bangles. She then asks her to shake her kaleerein over an unmarried girl and if it falls on any girl, the girl’s marriage will occur soon.

It is Sukhi who asks Sahiba and Seerat to sit with the other girls. Santosh instructs Sukhi not to let anyone know the two girls are her daughters. Sahiba remembers Sai also saying the same when flying seeds fell on her. Seerat shakes kaleerein over all girls and a piece falls on Seerat. As with Seerat, Santosh thinks Sahiba will marry a rich family soon.

Jaspal orders musicians to play and directs the family to dance for the baraat. Inder then gets Angad ready for his wedding, tying a pagdi on his head as he proudly declares how well he has done it. He reminisces that he was not there to fulfill his fatherly duties but wants to make up for it today. The exchange of words between them touches Manveer who is happy seeing their relationship blossom. Ekam happily announces that she will tie sehra to her elder brother as everyone jokingly take part in the celebration. Manveer leads Angad out while Bebe performs her nazar on him. Prince expresses how similar their sherwanis are, causing Angad to joke that he should get married too, eliciting laughter from all present.

Seerat looks at her mobile repeatedly as Sahiba prepares her for the wedding. She eagerly awaits Garry’s call. Sahiba asks her to stop looking at the mobile and get ready first. Keerat pulls her legs. Jasleen says Seereat is lucky to have Angad because he won’t let Seerat overpower him and follows Brar’s culture of respecting everyone.

Garry gets a call and informs family that one of their shops caught fire, so he must go to the place immediately. The family says he will not be able to leave his wedding midway. Veer asks if he will not attend his brother’s wedding. Garry says he can sacrifice for his brother. Garry thinks it was a fake call, Angad will be in a shock soon. Jasleen says he should take over Angad’s place today. Angad agrees. Garry believes it was a fake call and will soon be shocked.

In response to Garry’s message, Seerat insists that Sahiba and Keerat go out to spend some me time. Sahiba agrees, hugs her, and leaves with Keerat. Seerat feels happy that all her childhood wishes have been fulfilled and she is marrying Brar’s best boy. Garry messages her to come out.

The precap: Santosh attempts suicide when Seerat elopes. Jasleen says she knows Santosh’s lies well and insists she get another daughter married to Angad.

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