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Faltu Episode Update

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In front of the waiter, Ayaan praises Faltu’s photo. He says take this as a last gift from my side, everyone asks me not to attend your wedding, I do not want to see you with someone else, leave me alone. He sees Faltu dancing there. He smiles and goes to dance with her. He sees someone else.

As Neil and Faltu step in, he invites them indoors to catch a glimpse of Ayaan. He proceeds to play the video, revealing Ayaan’s presence with a girl. Dada ji notes that Neil has affection for Faltu, a sentiment shared by Kaka who has known Neil since their childhood. Dada ji expresses concern that Neil’s heart might face another heartbreak this time around.

“Faltu won’t shatter his heart,” Kaka remarks. Dada ji contradicts, “I have my doubts. Neil is attempting to wedge himself between them. Faltu’s behavior seems contrived. I must have a conversation with Neil; he can’t intrude on the love between two people and disrupt their harmony.”

She inquires about Ayaan’s well-being. He responds negatively. She persists, urging him to dance. He declines. She takes hold of him and starts dancing, with Neil and Faltu observing.

Ayaan has moved on, Neil says. Faltu leaves. Ayaan faints. Neil and Faltu return home. Dada ji scolds Neil, saying you want to prove that Ayaan is a playboy, you want to break Faltu’s confidence in him. I don’t want her to be cheated in love, Neil says. Dada ji says you started lying to me too. Neil says I’m telling the truth, and I want to stop this drama. Faltu arrives and says the drama will continue.

Ayaan has been dancing with the girls, he says. The woman says that he has a right to vent his anger, sometimes what we see isn’t right, I know his character is good, and he is seeing us together, so I want to give him another chance. Savita wakes up and sees Ayaan. He asks her for coffee. She leaves.

Savita asks Dadi to get ready. Tanu asks someone to kidnap Ayaan on time. Kinshuk jokes. He says I hope he gets better after this trip.

Neil acquires the designer clothes and jewellery for Faltu, who enquires if it’s a real marriage. He reassures her that if Ayaan is included in the union, they can wed again. Complimenting her beauty, he suggests she try other options. Pleased with what she saw, she says she will inform Ayaan of the news. Before Neil leaves, he receives a call from the academy; Faltu has been selected to join the national team and must prepare for a match. Astounded, she questions if it was all a joke but Neil assures that it is indeed true.

Ayaan dials Faltu’s number. Tanu instructs the henchmen to proceed with caution, ensuring the family’s safety. She departs the scene. Ayaan’s phone rings, and Tanu answers it. Addressing Faltu, she asserts that he should leave Ayaan be. Faltu insists on speaking to Ayaan, prompting Tanu to question his intentions and advise him to concentrate on his upcoming marriage. Faltu reveals his purpose, stating, “I called to inform him that I’ve been chosen for the national team.”

No matter what Tanu says, he’s not interested in conversing with you, so please refrain from calling him. Ayaan inquires about the person being addressed. Tanu fabricates a story and urges Ayaan to join them. Janardhan questions Ayaan’s certainty about his decision to leave, pointing out that Neil and Faltu will marry, and he might regret it in the future. Ayaan asserts, “No, I won’t have any regrets.” With that, he departs.

Faltu says I will make you proud. Charan says I’m always proud of you. She says Ayaan removed the ban from my name, maybe he realized what he did wrong. It is important to focus on cricket, not Ayaan. Ask Brijmohan to take you off from work, and I will thank him. She is concerned.


She gets a call. Ayaan says don’t sit in the mandap, Neil has kidnapped me. Faltu asks Ayaan to come on time. Neil asks Faltu to come.


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