Anupama 27th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 27th May 2023 Written Episodeon

Anuj brings Anupama to a temple, and their eyes meet. He confesses that there are only two individuals in this temple whom he cannot bear to disappoint – the deity and of course, Anupama herself. While she may have complete trust in him, he struggles with his own self-doubt and questions whether he even trusts himself. Despite multiple attempts, he has failed to reveal the truth to her, but today he is determined to do so at any cost. He regrets his actions and feels unworthy of looking into her eyes. He wishes she had spoken up when she was aware of his wrongdoing and held himself accountable for causing her pain. He pleads for her to confront him and not remain silent, reminding her that small mistakes can have big consequences. He breaks down as he grasps her feet, admitting that he will live with guilt if she does not hold him accountable.

With tears in her eyes, Anupama stands silently as the melodious tune of “Hamesha Tumko Chaha” plays in the background. She wonders what she should say now when she didn’t have the courage to speak up before. Anuj reminds her that she didn’t question him then or now; she simply accepted his decision without a fight when he called to tell her about his marriage. Anupama explains that pleading and begging for his love goes against her self-respect and her fight for her own happiness. She doesn’t want his love by force, especially when he gave it to someone else without a second thought. She understands that he must have been under pressure but cannot comprehend how he could do this to her. The song continues to play as Anupama confesses that deep down, she already knew he wouldn’t be able to provide her with answers, so she didn’t bother questioning him. Disbelief evident in his voice, Anuj asks how she was able to tolerate seeing Vanraj attend their son’s wedding with another woman and even perform rituals with her. He says he can’t even stand hearing Vanraj’s name and wants to punch him for what he did. Swearing on god,

Vanraj is worried that Anuj has gone to Gurukul to talk to Anupama. He contacts the school and inquires about her whereabouts, but the receptionist is unsure as some people have left while others are still there. Vanraj’s anxiety eases when he assumes that Anupama is still at Gurukul. Meanwhile, Anuj confesses to Anupama that he regretted his actions after Little Anu mentioned sending her away for her own happiness, which led to Paakhi confronting him and making him realize his mistake even more. He explains how he was ready to leave Maaya’s house after attending Little Anu’s parent-teacher meeting when she unexpectedly locked the door, leading to an event he did not intend. He clarifies that he never had any improper intentions towards Maaya and always saw her as Little Anu’s biological mother. In fact, when Dhiraj went to Mumbai, he relocated to his house and asked Maaya to bring Little Anu there as well.

He continues to explain how he had pushed Maaya away when she forcefully tried to get intimate with him. As he was on his way to the airport, his daughter Little Anu called him in a state of distress. He immediately rushed back and saw blood on her hand. Little Anu led him to Maaya, who was unconscious and bleeding on the floor. It appeared that she had fallen while he pushed her away from his house. Overwhelmed with guilt and concern for his daughter’s mother, he hurriedly took her to the hospital where the doctor revealed that Maaya had suffered mental trauma and could become violent. The doctor advised that someone should always be present with her. When Maaya woke up, she started behaving psychotically, shouting at Anuj not to leave her. In hindsight, Anuj confesses that he regretted not informing Anupama about the incident and felt responsible for Maaya’s condition. He only wanted her to recover no matter what it took. He sincerely apologizes to Anupama for not keeping her informed about the situation.


Anuj tells Anupama that he can stop living, but he can’t stop loving her; she can hate him, but never stop loving him. Anupama hugs him and says she can hate herself, but not him. Anuj asks what next. Both walk in different directions. Anupama tells him he is walking on a path that was opened for him, and she has to walk on a path that was opened for her as well.

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