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Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vandana arriving at the house and inquiring about Vaani. Vedika assures her that Vaani is well. Vandana then questions why Vaani was frightened upon seeing their father’s picture. Vedika explains that their mother loved them deeply, but their father never appreciated her. He would often argue and mistreat her, which would frighten Kunal to the point of hiding under the bed. Eventually, their mother couldn’t take it anymore and was forced to leave them behind for her safety. She didn’t want to leave her children, but their father refused to let them go. Despite everything she went through, their mother did nothing wrong; she had no choice. As Vedika shares this painful truth, tears stream down her face.

The woman wipes her eyes. Vandana says Kunal was young. Vedika says dad filled Kunal’s heart with poison, which caused him to hate his mother. Vandana says now that the misunderstanding has ended, I am responsible for bringing their hearts together. Vedika asks me to bless me and support me. Kunal is working. Vandana says he gets a call. I called to ask how you are; you aren’t acceptable.

When she shows Vaani and Tara, Kunal smiles and says, “I don’t understand what’s happening.” She asks him to take care. He gets emotional. Vandana and her family make Lohri arrangements at home. Pammi jokes on Vandana and says Kunal won’t come home. Sonia says when he comes, I’ll celebrate Lohri with him. Vedika says don’t mention it. Sonia says Vandana won’t know about Lohri. Vandana asks Tara what they learned about Lohri. Tara tells them.

It was Vandana who taught me this. Vandana says I’m familiar with our country’s festivals, that we’re lucky to be born in India and that Lohri will be fun. Pammi says your Maayka didn’t get anything for Lohri, so we should not expect anything from them. Aaji decides what to give the Malhotras. Vandana says they have a big heart, whatever they send will be from their hearts. Pammi argues. She asks Vandana to come with them, so they can make her ready. Vandana is signed by Vedika.

Vandana glances at Kunal’s photo and speaks to him, requesting for his return to their home. Soon after, Vaani joins them and inquires about the date of their marriage. Vandana responds that it was just a month ago. However, Vaani notices that she didn’t wear the Chuda during the ceremony. Vander explains that Vaani wasn’t present to help her get ready. Vaani then asks how she could have assisted her. Vandana compares her relationship with her mother-in-law, who is like a second mother to her. In response, Vaani affectionately kisses her forehead while Tara captures a selfie with them. Meanwhile, Sonia becomes upset witnessing this interaction and claims she cannot stand seeing Vaani taking care of Vandana. Pammi chips in, saying she can’t bear it, and suggests causing some drama to make Vandana run away from them.

Kunal gazes at a family photo and listens to Tara’s heartfelt audio message. He can sense her longing for him to come home, and her loving words as she addresses him as “Papa”. A smile lights up his face when he switches to a photo of Vandana. Bobby presents a gift to Mrunal, who expresses gratitude but politely declines. Pammi and Sonia observe this interaction. Bobby reminds Mrunal to keep them happy during her pregnancy. Pammi decides to catch up with them later, as she has plans to spend time with Vandana and Vaani first. As Vaani admires the beautiful clothes and jewelry, Vandana asks her to help prepare for today’s event. Despite Vaani’s hesitation due to her lack of knowledge, Vandana insists it would mean the world to her. In a heartwarming embrace, Vaani assures Vandana that she will do her best to make her look stunning. Their bond is beautifully captured as they share joy, accompanied by the song “Har Khushi apni…play…”. Vaani helps Vandana get dressed and blesses her with tender care, bringing an endearing smile to the latter’s face.

Vandana helps Vaani get ready as Sonia and Pammi arrive. They watch Vedika and Tara join the group, complimenting Vandana and Vaani. Mrunal then appears, earning praise from Vedika. Seha suggests that Vaani and Vedika apply shagun mehendi, so they all go to do so. Vaani writes “My son” on her hand, while Vandana hopes their relationship improves by writing Kunal’s name in her mehendi. Sonia also writes Kunal’s name but expresses discomfort with seeing Vandana alongside him. As Bobby plays the dhol, Vaani becomes uncomfortable, but Vandana effortlessly joins in with the music. This brings a smile to Vedika and Vaani’s faces, much to Sonia’s displeasure. Pammi advises Sonia to relax as Vandana embraces Vedika and Vaani lovingly.


Vandana says I’m missing Kunal. Sonia says the same. Kunal comes in. Vaani says you gave good values to Vandana. Aaji says Vandana’s dad, Vijay, gave her good values. Vaani is shocked.

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