Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bobby talking about the deal. Kunal says yes, it is an imp deal. Vandana cries and sees Kanha’s pic. She slaps the man, and he falls down. He is scolded. Any girl isn’t a dustbin to use, she isn’t anybody’s property, you were saved till now, but this time you are dealing with the wrong girl, uncle, I will make your evil viral. The man says no, don’t do this. She records the video. She asks him to show his face.

The man says I made a mistake, please. She says let the world see what kind of person you are. He says don’t do this, my wife will leave me, slap me again, stop this video. She leaves. She cries. Kunal and Bobby come there. Vandana sees them crying. Vandana recalls what the man said, so she goes to wash her hands and face.
Shah deceives him regarding Vandana. He claims she was willing to compromise for work, that he forced her to leave because she was in dire need of money. Shah asserts one must maintain self-respect, alleging Vandana admitted she’d do anything for money, claimed she was single with various needs—emotional, financial, and physical. Kunal grabs his collar, demanding he stop lying. He asserts Vandana may be annoying, but she isn’t as Shah portrays her. Her dignity outweighs any material needs; her character is her source of strength, not weakness.

Kunal and Bobby encounter Mr. Shah, who shows them a broken picture. Vandana remembers what Vijay had said. Kunal converses with the man, who mentions his reputation as a music mogul and his need to increase his profits through investments. Kunal recalls Vandana’s involvement in the deal. Mr. Shah asks if they have reached an agreement, to which Kunal confidently responds affirmatively. The man wishes them luck while Bobby expresses excitement and bids farewell. Kunal adds that they will be in touch soon, and Bobby congratulates him on a successful deal. Kunal then brings up a girl he saw earlier, wondering what happened to her.

He says take it easy bro. Shah asks how you know about her. Kunal says I don’t know why I got angry. Shah asks why you got angry. Kunal says I don’t deal with people who don’t respect girls. He leaves. Bobby asks why you cancelled the deal, how do you know Shah is lying about Vandana. Kunal says she isn’t like that. Vandana gets dizzy and Kunal rushes home. As he gets out of the car, he sees Vandana faint and runs to her. Natkhat bansi wale…plays…

Vandana sees Kunal. He holds her in arms. She says take me home. He says you need a doctor. She says home. He lifts her in arms. Everyone is enjoying Janmashtami at home. Mrunal is waiting for Bobby. Vaibhav’s mum says Vandana keeps us waiting so much. Kunal gets Vandana home. Vaibhav and everyone watch. Taai says Kunal got Vandana in his arms, and something is going on between them.

Pammi claims that Kunal did not want to carry her in his arms. However, Guneet believes that Kunal would assist her. Pammi confirms that she is already making preparations for it. Bobby interjects and states that Mrunal and Vandana are not like that. Pammi responds with an expression of disbelief. Anagha kindly offers a glass of water to Vandana, who wonders how she ended up at home. Kunal admits that he was not present at the time of the incident where something went wrong with Vandana at Shah’s office, but he realized what happened. Vaibhav makes a snide remark towards Kunal, to which he calmly explains that he was able to understand her emotions of anger and fear without having to meet someone over coffee at a cafe.

During a conversation with Vijay, Vaibhav says you helped her, thanks, don’t dance on my head. Vijay stops him. He says he can take care of Vandana, don’t create any differences between us. Kunal says you are afraid of getting caught. When Vaibhav says he feels strange, he says he feels odd because you are always there for Vandana. Kunal tells him to be with her. He asks Vijay to take care of Vandana. He thinks he hopes she is okay. His mother creates a scene and argues with Vijay.

She taunts him on his upbringing. She asks him to sell the house. Vijay scolds her. He says my daughter’s character is bigger than people’s thinking. I’ll file a complaint and not spare that man, as my father taught me how to fight and win, girls should raise their voices, and I will not spare him. Vandana asks how a man thinks he can misbehave with any girl and get saved.


I want to marry Vandana and bring her to America. You people don’t seem interested in that, tell me what to do. Pammi asks about the investor. She asks if anything happened because of Vandana. Vaibhav says he wants to marry Vandana and take her to America.

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