Main Hoon Saath Tere 18th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Janvi’s Mother’s Day Surprise and Aryaman’s Investigation

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 2024 Written Episode Update on

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Dadi and Reva arrive at Janvi’s house in masks, pretending to be kidnappers. Kian locks the doors and says he invited them. Janvi realizes it is Reva and Dadi and asks them what they are doing. Kian turns on the lights and wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day. The decorations make Janvi wonder when they are done.

Daddy says they did it right after she went to sleep. Kian tells Janvi to look beautiful for the Mother’s Day celebration in the neighborhood. Janvi wonders why it’s necessary. Kian and Reva insist, so Janvi agrees. Kian eats the curry Janvi made and recalls that Aryaman said bitter gourd and ash gourd should never be cooked together. Kian thinks Aryaman was wrong.

Reva, Dadi, and Kian team up to pamper Janvi with a manicure and pedicure. Meanwhile, Ujwala arrives at Aryaman’s house incognito on Mother’s Day, intending to treat him with food. Apologizing for forgetting the occasion, Aryaman presents her with a gift as he reveals that he had remembered all along. Ujwala expresses her gratitude for Aryaman’s efforts to unveil Brij Bhushan’s enemies. In response, Aryaman shares that he has gathered substantial evidence against them through his investigation of the hotel and is currently using it to track them down. With time pressing on him, Aryaman hands over the keys to Ujwala and asks her to lock up upon leaving.

A beautiful Janvi arrives at the party, and Kian thinks she looks angelic. As the neighbors gossip about Janvi, Pushkar stirs up trouble by reminding the neighborhood ladies about Janvi’s past. Janvi is confronted by the ladies, who tell her she cannot attend the party. Because Kian has been very excited about the party since yesterday, Janvi asks the ladies to let them stay for today.

Pushkar demands Kian’s birth certificate before letting them stay. Janvi worries that Kian will learn the truth if Kian sees the birth certificate. Kian finds the birth certificate.

A receipt shows Janvi buying mud utensils on the day of the attack while Aryaman is searching for Brij Bhushan’s enemies. Kian finds Janvi’s birth certificate and shows it to everyone to prevent Janvi from being humiliated. Aryaman confronts Janvi for the truth.


Kian brings his certificate and tells her she was looking for it. Pushkar takes Janvi’s certificate to tell everyone the truth about Kian. Janvi’s dupatta gets stuck in the fan. Aryaman snatches the certificate from Pushkar’s hand, assists Janvi, and praises her for being the father and mother she has always been.

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