Main Hoon Saath Tere 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update: Brij Bhushan’s Decision and Pushkar’s Plot

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update on

The crowd around Brij Bhushan makes him angry when he sees Aryaman as a trainee. Dadaji tells Brij Bhushan he warned him not to leave the house since he hadn’t fully recovered. Aryaman catches Brij Bhushan when he is about to fall. However, Brij Bhushan says he would instead fall than ask Aryaman for help.

As Sadhu apologizes to Sen Gupta for ruining the decoration, Mrs. Sen Gupta says it’s auspicious to ward off the evil eye. She praises Aryaman’s dance and Janvi Joshi. Dadaji informs Brij Bhushan that Janvi saved him. He asks Sadhu to send Janvi to his cabin.

Pushkar snoops around Janvi’s house to find out about Kian’s father. Kian says Pushkar is there and that he is going to put his bat inside. Pushkar overhears Kian and Janvi’s conversation. Upon opening the door, Pushkar asks Kian where his keys are. When Kian reveals they are tied to a rope, Pushkar pulls it, and dirty water falls over him. Janvi pranks Pushkar to teach him a lesson.

Even though she thinks Pushkar wouldn’t come into their home without a reason, she checks and sees that Pushkar hasn’t taken Kian’s birth certificate. Although Pushkar took a photo of Kian’s birth certificate, he noticed the father wasn’t listed. He believes Kian is an illegitimate child and vows revenge on Janvi and Kian.

In a phone call, Sadhu asks Janvi to come immediately because Brij Bhushan wants to meet her. Because of Kian’s words, Janvi worries that Brij Bhushan will fire her. Muralidhar believes Brij Bhushan will kill him. At 5 pm, Brij Bhushan invites Muralidhar to meet him at his house.

Janvi begs Brij Bhushan not to fire her. Brij Bhushan orders Janvi to open an envelope. She finds a bonus and a letter saying she has not been fired. She thanks Brij Bhushan. He asks what he can do for her. To determine who deserves the spot, Janvi suggests that Brij Bhushan conduct a cricket game to determine who is the best fit. Brij Bhushan agrees.

As Brij Bhushan and Dadaji leave, Raina sarcastically praises Janvi for her acting. Janvi accuses Raina of teaching her son to threaten Kian. Raina says she doesn’t care and leaves. Aryaman, drinking alcohol, sees Janvi and asks if she did anything wrong in the hotel, making her swear on Kian.

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