Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Vandana’s Emotional Journey

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Kunal and Vandana discuss Vaani. Kunal says that Vaani saved Tara, her pictures with Tara came out great, and she couldn’t harm Tara. Vandana says she cannot. He says my anger and differences are in their place. She’s in trauma. Where was she all these years? I don’t know what she went through; she doesn’t recall anything. I want an answer, but life is playing a game with me. I can’t get angry or ask.

In her hand, she says you’ve waited all these years, wait for more, she’ll get her memory soon. You’re her son, and you have a right to ask her. Vaani and Tara’s safety is my responsibility. People think I’m great, but I’m selfish.

Despite his smile, Kunal says you are violent. She tells him not to fight with me. Vandana asks for coffee. He answers yes. Her dupatta gets stuck. He says not me. This stuck because the matter still needed to be completed. She asks what’s left. He apologizes and thanks her. He says you are doing a lot for Vaani and Tara. I told you you aren’t a good mom, but I was wrong; you are a great mother, daughter, and husband, so you are exceptional. She smiles and cries. He says sorry, I’m done. How about coffee?

She expresses gratitude, stating she never received her mother’s love and desired it greatly. Instead, her mother favored Hemant and eventually left, causing her to lose hope and her childhood. She acknowledges that the person she is speaking to also experienced a similar lack of maternal love and turned to pain to fill the void. This shared pain has brought them together, and they both do not want their daughter Tara to experience the same pain. When asked why, she reveals that they found solace in Vaani’s presence as she felt like a mother figure to her. She urges the person to accept Vaani and consider it. Sonia watches as Vandana assures Tara that she is happy with her grandmother. Meanwhile, Sonia makes a call, plotting an end to Vandana’s story and the beginning of hers.

It’s morning, and Vandana plays with Tara and her family members. Pammi asks Sonia why you’re silent. Sonia replies that it’s the silence before a storm. Vandana catches Kunal and smiles. Kunal also smiles. Everyone watches and smiles. Vandana removes the blindfold and looks at Kunal.

Seeing Tara and Bobby tease Vandana, she becomes timid. Atya comes home and smiles to see them. Everyone greets Atya. Pammi asks why you came. Kunal says you can come here anytime, Atya. Vaani sees Atya. Pammi insults Atya. Vandana says it’s a festive day, so one gives sweets to neighbors, and Atya has til laddoo for Vandana’s Sasural. Pammi says we don’t eat laddoo, so it’s not worth it.

Vaani says I want it, I accept the laddoo with all respect, a happy Makar Sankranti to you. Atya says I have made some handmade jewelry for you. Tara likes it. Vaani says it’s lovely. Vandana asks if you know Marathi. Vedika says yes, she is Marathi. Vandana says I’ll get haldi and kumkum. I’ve invited all the women in my neighborhood, and we will do this rasam together.

You can’t do that, Pammi says. Kunal says let them come. Vaani says you need to wear this rasam and ornaments. Kunal goes. Vaani and everyone get ready. Vedika blesses Kunal and Vandana’s jodi. Vandana arrives. Atya compliments her. Kunal comes there. Everyone smiles. Kunal compliments Vandana. Vandana says you also look good. He thanks her.

Sonia shows her something on her phone. Pammi smiles. Everyone applies the haldi Kumkum to Kunal and Vandana. Vaani comes. She does the rasam. Maa…plays… Vandana gives everyone a Tulsi plant and says it’s good for your health. She wishes them. Sonia says their time pass is over, and it’s time for my timebomb.


The lady comes and says we are from the child welfare department. We have a complaint against Kunal. Sonia says I did it. She argues with Kunal. She says she will take Tara with her.

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