Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Vandana’s Unexpected Adventure

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kunal rescuing Vandana from the goons, and they flee in a jeep. Kunal exclaims her name as she is safe now, and the goons retreat. He then asks her to let go of her worries and come along. As they gather their things from the scene, Vandana picks up a string of black beads. Kunal urges her to get up, but she explains that it holds significance for their marriage, and she cannot let it break. Moved by her emotions, Kunal helps her and wipes her tears away. They call for assistance with their broken-down car before seeking a lift. A man initially questions them about being stranded, but after verifying their situation, he offers them a ride in his wedding vehicle. Grateful for his kindness, Kunal helps Vandana get onto the truck, and she pulls him up after her. The bystanders notice their affectionate actions and make playful comments about their love.

Kunal asks Vandana what she said in Gujarati. Vandana says I didn’t understand. The truck leaves. Vandana falls into Kunal’s arms. A man hides his face. Kunal asks the groom why he isn’t happy. The groom says he loves Sejal, and she loves me too, but she had a boyfriend. We don’t comfort girls when they share their past; we start judging them, so they get scared and don’t share it. Kunal says you’re right. The groom says you’re right. Kunal says enjoy your marriage.

I wish Sejal and I had the same love you and your wife do. Vandana sleeps. Kunal says there is no love. Groom says even a blind person can see your passion. Kunal wonders if he fell in love with Vandana. She falls aside. Kunal rushes and holds her. He sits beside her and holds her.

Vandana awakens to find him beside her. The lady bestows upon them a blessing of eternal love. Vaani brings tea for Pammi, which is promptly tossed aside. Vedika steps in to defend Vaani, but Pammi continues to argue with them. Refusing to budge, she declares that she will stay and perform her fierce tandav, having already done so much for the family and business. Kunal and Vandana alight from the truck, and he gently holds her. They engage in a conversation, during which he urges her to relax. She feels a sense of emptiness without her mangalsutra, confessing her love for it. A man then approaches Kunal and invites him inside, and they are welcomed into the function by everyone present.

The groom states that it will take some time, and the lady agrees that love will come into their lives eventually. Kunal confirms that they will continue to stay. Just then, someone arrives. Vaani admits to her mistake towards Kunal and Vedika, but Vedika reassures her that she did nothing wrong. They are interrupted by Pammi, Bobby, and Mrunal’s presence. Vedika suggests they pray together as she feels uneasy about what tomorrow morning might bring; their enemies won’t give up easily and may create more trouble for Vandana and Kunal if they leave. Kunal expresses his desire for a break from everything and not wanting to return home, realizing that Vandana needs a break even more than he does. This brings a smile to Vandana’s face. Suddenly, a guy bumps into Kunal and hurries away.


Vandana and Kunal exchange garlands and dance. Kunal sees a guy kidnapping Sejal. Kunal and Vandana rescue Sejal. Kunal apologizes to Vandana.

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