Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Brave Escape

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Yuvraj snatches Abhira’s mangasutra in the first episode. She punches him and runs away. He says cheap shot, Laila saves Majnu from torture, she does not torture him. Ruhi shows Armaan the mangalsutra. Armaan picks it up and says it’s Abhira’s. She asks where we can find her now. He sees a pink dupatta stuck on a bush, and Abhira falls.

Taking the Sindoor box, Yuvraj says you will be mine. Armaan jumps and stops him. He beats Yuvraj. He says I got peace, we’ll get married now. Eventually, the Sindoor falls from Armaan’s hand and gets on Abhira’s hairline. Ruhi watches. There is no other work for you, you come anywhere, you ruined my marriage again, you won’t get saved today.

The fight begins. Armaan says I’m going to beat you up a lot today. Yuvraj catches Abhira. Ruhi yells at him to leave Abhira and beats him. Abhira asks how dare you touch Armaan, you can’t get saved now, you did wrong with Armaan’s mother and my mother. Yuvraj goes to punch her. Armaan punches Yuvraj in the face. Yuvraj points a gun and shouts enough. He laughs.

Yuvraj says that their story will become unforgettable, not for himself, but for Abhira, who can no longer survive. Armaan protests, but Yuvraj insists, declaring that Armaan will die. He says a final goodbye, apologizing and blaming the situation for Abhira’s choice. He claims that this wouldn’t have happened if she had accepted him instead of Armaan. He doubts Armaan’s love for her and tells her to die and greet Sasumaa. Armaan remembers Yuvraj shooting Akshu and steps in front of Abhira as they hear a gunshot. They anxiously check each other and find that the police have shot Yuvraj. He is apprehended, and Madhav slaps and scolds him before taking him away. Yuvraj looks at Abhira, who then thanks Armaan.

Armaan scolds her. He says you didn’t tell me, you told dad by Morse code, if dad didn’t know that language, what would you do, I asked you many times, you didn’t answer. Abhira cries. Ruhi says it’s enough. He says do not worry for her, we came here for no purpose, she can handle her problems without anyone’s assistance. Ruhi says she stayed quiet for Mum’s safety. Yuvraj was going to shoot her, he says.

Dev asks Charu what are you thinking? Charu says Abhira… Dev asks why she didn’t come to the office. She says nothing. He says you can share your worries with me. Trust me. She smiles. He says you can go home early if you wish. She says no, thanks. We will check the details of the case once. Dadi appears at the café. She calls Charu.

You want samosas from your college café. Are you there? Charu says yes, I will get them. She wonders why she called me, did she see me, if she was around. Dev says you look stressed. She says she is fine.

Armaan helps Abhira into the car while Ruhi watches sadly. The song “Dayere…” plays in the background. They arrive home, and Abhira stumbles, but Armaan catches her. Abhira insists she’s fine, and Ruhi helps her inside. Armaan reassures them not to worry and that they’ll explain to Dadi that her drunken behavior is just an act. At the door, Dadi stops them and tells Armaan that this girl is more important to her than her respect. Armaan tries to protest, but Dadi reminds him that she had told him not to bring Abhira home.

He asks Abhira to come inside, but she signs no. Madhav says that whatever Abhira did was to save Vidya. She has a right to stay here. He says it’s real, Abhira; she respects you a lot, she won’t come in, she did the drama in the morning so we wouldn’t follow her, Yuvraj threatened Vidya’s life. Madhav tells everyone that Abhira was planning to marry him without telling anyone and that she would ruin her life for Vidya.


Abhira says he is Dev Sir, our boss. Dadi scolds Abhira for hiding Charu’s job. Armaan and Abhira argue.

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