Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th January 2024: Ruhi Confronts Abhira and Armaan’s Efforts

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The Episode starts with Ruhi asking where Abhir is. Suwarna says we do not know about him; Manish requested that the man inform us. Ruhi says I will go to Manish, and he would be devastated that Abhir did not return. Suwarna says go, and he needs you. Abhira gets ready. She walks into Ruhi’s room and remembers her. She says we both are fighting our fate. We don’t have Mum and Dad, and I feel we’re sisters; both are unlucky.

Dadi, Vidya and Manisha arrive. Dadi scolds Abhira, saying Ruhi left the house and that she can’t see her room or anything. Abhira apologizes. I’ve made Dhokla for breakfast; eat it. She leaves. Dadi says you don’t know such girls. Manisha says she needs more time to take over Ruhi’s room. Abhira has been busy in college and internship.

Vidya says she must learn manners; otherwise, Maasa will scold her. Dadi says Armaan had to marry this problem. Ruhi smiles and greets her family. She says we need to go outside. Surekha says Manish’s morning walk is over. Ruhi says we will go to the temple. Suwarna says I have to go to the market. Ruhi says I ordered new plants. She sends Manish to change.

I’m glad you are following my advice, Suwarna says. Manish has given up all relationships because of me, and I cried for Armaan. Ruhi and Manish arrive at the temple. Manish meets his friend. Ruhi goes ahead. Armaan comes and holds the aarti plate. Dadi calls Armaan, and Armaan says Armaan is also here. Ruhi and Armaan argue.

Manish says I just saw Armaan with Ruhi. Dadi thinks he doesn’t know about their fight. She says to let them handle it, and Ruhi will return home. Ruhi says you can’t make this fine now. He ends the call. As Ruhi says, I have supported her decision; she will stay in my house, and I will accept her decision, as elders shouldn’t interfere with their lives. Armaan says it’s good that Abhira found out about it. No more secrets.

The mannat cloth is tied by Ruhi. He says you don’t trust me. Everything changed, but one thing didn’t change: I don’t lie even today, don’t talk to me or come home if you want. Your therapy is going on, and I want you to smile again, so please let me do this, I will wait for you on the way to therapy time, don’t come if you want, but I will wait for you. He leaves.

Vidya says we’re here to take Ruhi, explain that Abhira came, so don’t blame Abhira, I didn’t expect this. Manisha says she’s a good Saas and a perfect Bahu, so she came here after Ruhi’s kidnapping act. Surekha says Abhira poisoned her. Surekha says Abhira has no manners, Ruhi is her elder. Manisha says Abhira is an elder. Ruhi did something, so Abhira did that. They argue. Vidya and Suwarna try to stop them.

Armaan and Ruhi arrive at the fair, accompanied by O re Piya, who is playing in the background. She asks him if he came, to which he replies with a promise he made to her. As they search for each other in the crowd, Abhira and her friend join them. Her friend urges her to watch a folk dance performance. Meanwhile, Armaan is concerned about their appointment time and looks for Ruhi. Amid the chaos, he bumps into Abhira and remarks on her presence there. She explains that she is there to pick up a file while Armaan reveals his intention to take Ruhi to therapy. Abhira then sarcastically suggests that he can entertain Ruhi with stories of her immaturity instead.

The relationship between Rohit and Ruhi didn’t work out, and he left, but she stayed. Manish suffered a heart attack, she got stressed, and she needed therapy. Her fate is against her. Should we also go against her? Shouldn’t we say sorry and fix everything? Ruhi left as well. I can at least try to get her back; I can do this for my family. They get pushed. Armaan holds her. Ruhi cries when she sees them.

As Dadi asks the children to get her toffee box, Krish recalls eating them. Kiara says we’ll find the box. Dadi asks Charu where he’s coming from. Charu replies college. Dadi says you’re late. Aryan and Kiara receive a few items from Charu. Dadi picks up the letter and asks why she can’t read it. She sees the children happy and wards off bad sight. Ruhi leaves.

Abhira manages to escape while Dadi retrieves her glasses, and Charu claims the letter. Curiosity strikes Dadi as she inquires about the contents of the letter. Meanwhile, Charu excuses herself to freshen up. Despite all this, Ruhi is overwhelmed with emotions as she thinks about Armaan. Abhira notices her distress and offers her water while informing her that Armaan is looking for her. Ruhi seizes this opportunity to apologize for their previous argument and regrets it. However, Armaan arrives on the scene before she can say anything further. Immediately, Ruhi becomes defensive and raises her voice, accusing him of taking away all that was dear to her and bringing misery into her life. She demands that he return everything he has taken from her, or he will never find happiness.

They go to Armaan. Abhira asks what I snatched from you, who I snatched from you, tell me, you can’t blame me and go, you confuse me, you become friendly and sometimes hate me, tell me why I snatched your fate, when was it that I snatched your fate from you? When Armaan sees Ruhi crying, Abhira asks, “Say what happened? Should I say sorry again?” Abhira stops Armaan and says, “Say what I said in anger. Shall I do the same thing again? Otherwise, I will break down.” She leaves.


I’m going to be a lawyer, Abhira says. Armaan asks Ruhi to come home. Abhira takes flowers for him. She is shocked to see Armaan hugging Ruhi.

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