Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV and Poorvi’s Eventful Journey

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Poorvi tells him that she is tired and that she is also experiencing pain. RV asks her if she expects me to lift her. Poorvi says she doesn’t expect anything from me. RV says don’t expect anything since I won’t lift you. She asks if your hands don’t have strength. RV replies that my hands are designed to lift dumbbells and not heavy trouble. She says you called me heavy trouble. He agrees.

Poorvi asks him if he’ll lift her or not. He asks her to say lovingly and with please. Poorvi says, please lift me. He lifts her and asks what her weight is. She says 40-50. He asks her to multiply by two. He says girls hide weight as well. She scratches on his chin. The song plays….. He tells her that he’s getting itchy on her chin.

As Prachi does puja in her house, she says her blessings gave her the strength, power, and courage to take care of Khushi and Poorvi and to fulfil her duties as a parent and wife. Poorvi is married because of your blessings, and I fulfilled my responsibility. Poorvi got a good life partner in RV, and she says I am grateful to you. She asks her to keep Poorvi safe from bad sights.

I felt strange since I met Monisha, and I didn’t want anything to happen to my daughter that happened to me. She asks God to give Ranbir strength to save her daughters and that if Ranbir were alive, he would have taken away all my problems. According to her, Poorvi is innocent, and she needs strength to deal with the situation and RV and Poorvi’s trust intact.

She asks Monisha why you are sleeping at RV’s house. Monisha says she saw a good dream, which she broke. She says you are a daydreamer and asks how you can act silly. We don’t know what Poorvi is doing with RV, she says. They are still alone, and she doesn’t know what happened between them.

She says RV will have a honeymoon with just me and asks what she thought I would have Plan A. She says she also has a Plan B. She says RV will have a honeymoon with just me. RV says he can’t carry and walk anymore and keeps her down. Poorvi says you brought me here, so you are responsible. He starts walking. When he turns to find her gone, he wonders where she went. Poorvi shouts RV as the goons catch her.

She has turned into a cat from a tiger. RV says she is in big trouble. Poorvi wonders why he came here. RV tells the goons the girl is in big trouble. Poorvi argues with RV for not checking the petrol tank. RV says you are accident-prone and always invite trouble. Poorvi says she will keep her ears closed. The goons threaten to kill them if they don’t remain quiet.

Bade Bhai, RV, says I forgot you were here. He asks Poorvi to give him the jewellery. Poorvi refuses to provide it because it was bought with Maa’s hard-earned money. RV says Maa will offer it to you again. Poorvi says Maa gave me it, and now I must safeguard it. RV asks if you die, and it is okay. A goon claims they are fighting like husband and wife. We are married, they say.

RV tells the goons to let them go and says whatever problems a man faces are due to the woman. RV says that every married man says that after marriage, the wife changes. He asks them to keep Poorvi with them. Poorvi scolds the goons and tells them to do the work and earn money. If I had met you before, I wouldn’t have got married.

In the course of walking, RV says “You are like my elder brother, I want to talk with you.” He whispers something to one of the goons. Poorvi thinks RV isn’t that mad when he takes one of them and whispers something to him. Poorvi believes RV isn’t that angry. Poorvi tells the goon that she has beaten some people. The goon doesn’t believe her story and asks Poorvi for jewellery, but Poorvi refuses. The Police jeep sounds, and they run away.

Poorvi, thanks God. RV says he saved her and asks her to thank him. She thanks him. He says let’s go. She says she’s hurt her foot. RV asks if you know how to walk. It makes Dadi happy to know that RV’s happiness is here, that it will always be there, and that their Jodi will be established. Dada ji reaches out to Dadi, and they have a good time.

Poorvi and RV are walking in the jungle. RV says you’ll find heaven wherever you go. She says yes. RV says you’re a hassle. She asks him to get the lift. He tells her to ask for the lift. She says a car is coming and will ask for a lift. She calls for a lift, but the car doesn’t stop. A bike rider approaches. He asks who she is.

He asks RV to listen, saying that’s why he came. Poorvi thinks they should visit Purani Haveli. The guy warns them not to go there because of ghosts. RV asks what could be more dangerous than this. Poorvi asks what he said. She says they won’t go there. She tells Deepika RV will return to her, and she’ll make him her own. RV scares Poorvi and laughs. Poorvi chants Hanuman Chalisa. RV enters the haveli.


He asks Poorvi if she feels anything when he is near her. Poorvi nods yes. Harleen says my tension is over, and your tension increases, and they get the lift to the resort for the honeymoon.

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