Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

It starts with Akshay promising Prachi that she will get Khushi in a day. He says that if we don’t get Khushi, we will be against the system. Prachi wipes away tears and asks him to come. He recalls accusing her of stealing his happiness, peace, etc. Dida asks Ranbir to have breakfast. Ranbir says that he is not hungry. Rhea says I’ve been seeing you since morning, and you’re looking stressed out. I feel that I said too much to Prachi, so I’ll speak to her.

Dida says they had told Palavi not to call her. Vikram says Prachi should call you. Ranbir says I said so much to her in anger. Rhea picks up the phone and says it was a call from the orphanage, and says I spoke to a worker yesterday and he told me Prachi had gone to the orphanage. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he saw what she did, and if he feels bad. He says she went to take Khushi, and he won’t allow that to happen. Ranbir says she might not have done this so soon. Vikram cautions Ranbir not to blindly trust Prachi.

Pallavi says she knows what she is doing, but she will not let her do this. She says she will take Khushi home with her. Ranbir says he will not lose Khushi. Prachi asks Ranbir why she can’t get Khushi when he comes to the orphanage. He comes inside and tells Meera that he came to adopt her. Meera says they can’t adopt Khushi since they aren’t with their partners. As she is her mother and can take care of Khushi, Prachi says she will have her.

Meera says that whoever gets married first, can adopt Khushi because being married is a prerequisite for her adoption. Ranbir argues with her and says that he can take care of Khushi well.

Upon seeing Rhea, Akshay discovers she is doing charity work. She thinks she doesn’t want a child, but has to bear Khushi to be with Ranbir. Akshay receives Prachi’s message and leaves. As Akshay’s love is taking Prachi away from her Ranbir, Rhea believes she was upset before, but now she is happy.

She says thank you, Akshay, you don’t know you’re doing my work. Prachi comes home upset. Shahana and Dida wonder what Meera said. As Prachi explained, they have rules and regulations. Dadi asks why you didn’t tell her that you are her true mother and gave her birth. Akshay gets shocked at the news. Prachi says I don’t want him to know that Khushi is our daughter, otherwise, he will do everything he can to get her.

Pallavi asks Rhea to marry Ranbir, and Pallavi says the orphanage demanded that Khushi have a stable family. Vikram says the DNA report will prove Khushi is Ranbir’s daughter. As Rhea says, it depends on Ranbir. He will decide what he wants. When Ranbir returns home, Pallavi asks if anything has happened. Ranbir replies that they said the same thing about wanting a stable family. Rhea asks Ranbir, “Will you marry me?” Akshay asks Prachi, “Will you marry me?”

As Pallavi asks Ranbir to marry Rhea because he will lose Khushi if he does not marry Rhea, Dadi tells Prachi to accept Akshay’s proposal and marry him. Vikram asks Ranbir to accept this opportunity and to marry Rhea.

Dadi tells Prachi to marry Akshay and bring her home. Ranbir and Prachi think about Meera’s words. Prachi and Ranbir agree to marry Akshay and Rhea. Someone asks Prachi to come tomorrow, and it is closed now. Shahana calls Prachi and asks if you told her. Prachi says no, I’m late and I wanted to tell her I’ll be with her and I’m her real mother and gave you birth. Shahana asks her not to cry and doesn’t mention that Khushi has already heard from her.

Prachi says the door is opening. She sees Ranbir coming out after meeting Khushi. He says your part in a marriage will be with me. She agrees with him.

The two of them go separate ways as they recall the past. Ranbir sees God’s portraits and asks him to do what is best for him. He says nothing is hidden from you. The rain continues. They take shelter in the shed, along with other people. Ranbir collides and feels Prachi. She holds her pallu on her shoulder and a FB appears.

When Prachi tells Ranbir she is pregnant, he says he can’t touch her. He says that doesn’t mean I cannot touch her, and that if I touch you, then you’ll be happy, and then you’ll glow more consistently all the rest of your life. When you get all the love, then you’ll give all the love to the baby, and he says he wants her to know that he loves her and will never hurt her. He promises to love her and to keep her before him forever.

Prachi tells Dadi and Shahana there is nothing left to discuss. Ranbir says he doesn’t care what she does in her life. He tells his family to begin marriage arrangements.


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