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She explains that Santosh mortgaged their house for Seerat’s wedding without informing anyone about it. Angad asks, not even her papa. Sahiba says no. As Angad recalls, he heard her mother discussing it with someone when he visited her house for paghphera ritual. Sahiba accuses him of knowing Ajith would agree under pressure and hence proposed this alliance.

Angad says he has never thought that way and that he doesn’t care what Sahiba thinks because Seerat agreed to the marriage. Sahiba says Seerat had to agree as he promised to support her. Angad says he did and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Angad asks her to keep fighting with him in their room and not in front of everyone.

Sahiba says she can’t act. Angad recalls she said the same when he visited her house. Sahiba says the situation was different then. Sahiba reluctantly agrees that nothing has changed, and even her parents must feel bad seeing the fight, so she shouldn’t fight in front of everyone. In addition, Angad requests he pays her family loan. Sahiba declines.

As he is romancing his girlfriend, Jasleen calls Garry and informs him that Mongas has agreed to the alliance as even angels cannot reject it. Garry says Seerat must be very happy that she got what she prayed for. Jasleen warns him to stop his swag drama or else he won’t get entry into Brar mansion.

On the next day, Jasleen prepares Garry for the ceremony and tells him not to overact. The Mongas walk in. Akaal greets them. Veer remarks that Keerat looks pretty in a girly outfit. Angad asks Mongas if they liked the decoration; they kept it simple as per their wishes. Santosh says even their simple decoration is lavish in comparison to ours. Keerat signals that he does not need a punch.

It’s weird that Seerat broke Garry and Shanaya’s engagement a few days ago, and now she’s getting engaged to Garry. Angad tells him to learn when and how to speak. Garry talks romantically to Seerat. Veer notices Keerat’s discomfort and asks her if he should get her sports shoes. She asks him to get them as she is in severe pain. Prabjyoth watches them.

Angad says let’s start the ring exchange ceremony. Garry asks Jasleen if she got the ring. Jasleen says she didn’t as she thought he’d bring it. Garry asks her to get Kiara’s fancy ring so Mongas won’t know. On Mongas’ behalf, Angad brings the ring and asks Sahiba to accompany him silently. Angad fixes the ring on Seerat’s finger, leaving everyone stunned. Angad says the size is perfect, he should try it with love. He asks Seerat to return it to Garry.

Everyone claps. Seerat fixes Garry’s ring on Seerat’s finger, and they both take the elders’ blessings. Sahiba asks Angad why he fixed Seerat’s finger instead of Garry’s. Angad replies that it makes no difference.

Seerat performs wedding pheras with Garry, recalling Angad’s promise. Angad recalls the wedding of him and Sahiba.

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