Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th March 2023 Written Update


Santosh tells Ajith that she prepared Sahiba’s favourite chole khulche and is taking them for her. Ajith says Sahiba doesn’t want to speak to her.

Then Santosh asks why he didn’t let her speak to Sahiba. Sukhi says that Sahiba is married and her husband’s house is now her house. Keerat asks if she wants Sahiba back.

After Ajith warns Santosh not to go there, Santosh says whatever has happened has happened, and she is ready to face humiliation for her daughter’s sake. She leaves home.

After Prabjot asks Sahiba why she married Angad and came here rather than supporting herself with her work, Sahiba replies that she married Angad due to pressure from her parents or else she would rather die than marry Angad.

In response to Manveer’s shouting, Bebe tells Sahiba that her son is being disrespected in her own home. She tells Sahiba she has to perform this ritual no matter what. Her father taught her to never compromise on her self-respect because a relationship without love can survive, but a relationship without respect will shatter like a mud house; she says she will not compromise on love.

As Angad doesn’t respect her, he drops the ritual thali. Sahiba holds it. Bebe says with god’s wish, they performed ritual even without their participation.

Upon reaching Brar mansion, Santosh tells the guard that she is Sahiba’s mother and that she came here to surprise her with Sahiba’s favourite food and sweets. Guards take her in and Sahiba tells Angad she held the thali because she respects food and the art on it because she is an artist.

Sahiba asks why she came here and Santosh replies that she is entitled to humiliate her for her actions. Angad humiliates Santosh brutally. Sahiba warns him that he is not entitled to misbehave with her mother. Manveer then humiliates Santosh, followed by Jasleen. Sahiba stands helpless.

Angad and Manveer humiliate Santosh for replacing Seerat with Sahiba, saying they’ll call the police and have her arrested. Sahiba says she wants him to call the police as it was his family member’s idea.

Bebe asks who it is. Sahiba points at Jasleen.

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