Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Prachi telling Dadi Dida to announce Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Dadi and Shahana tell Prachi not to cry. Prachi says everything is over, so I don’t know why I’m crying. Shahana says Rhea would have asked Dida to make an announcement. Dadi says Prachi is shattered, I can’t picture her like this.

As Akshay congrats Dida and thanks them, Ashok also congratulates them and apologizes on Prachi’s behalf as she left. He says now she is ours. He thanks Ranbir for helping Akshay propose to Prachi. Akshay got Prachi on Ranbir’s birthday, so Ranbir’s birthday will always be special to us. They leave. Ranbir is upset. Vikram goes behind Ranbir. Badi Dadi stops him.

I’m with Pallavi, we can’t change what happened, but at least I can step up and take care of my son, Vikram says. Dida asks him not to think from his wife’s perspective. It’s good that Prachi found someone and Ranbir also has someone, she says. Rhea hears this and comes to Ranbir.

Rhea asks Ranbir when he will use her as the bandage. Ranbir asks what you mean. Rhea replies you got hurt when Akshay proposed to Prachi, and you asked Dida to announce our marriage. Ranbir asks her to hear. She says that you might be important, but I am not interested in getting married to you.

She thinks why does this happen all the time? She says when I want something, I don’t get and when I don’t want it, something happens. In response to Shahana’s question, Prachi says she is happy for Rhea. She wants Rhea to get all the happiness in life.

She says she’s feeling hurt, but doesn’t know why? Shahana asks if she’s feeling pain because Akshay proposed to you. Shahana says you always hide your pain, and then you’ll feel more pain. Then she asks her heart, will she know what she means? She thinks if Shahana was right, I was feeling bad hearing Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding, but that’s not true, I am happy for my sister and ask why I am feeling pain.

From the window, she cries. Dil toota…plays…

I don’t want to marry you. She says the question isn’t if I like you or not, but why you used me to make more big announcements than proposals (Akshay’s proposal for Prachi). A marriage announcement is a bigger announcement than a proposal. Ranbir asks her to listen. She says you were silent when the announcement was made.

She says I should have reacted then. She says there were guests at home, and I didn’t say anything to Prachi, as she is my sister and seems happy. She says our relationship is pure friendship, and doesn’t take it for marriage. Ranbir says, Rhea…Rhea says don’t say a word and says when I was on my deathbed in the hospital, everyone was emotional, particularly Pallavi Aunty.

She says that you had taken that decision emotionally, and Prachi has left. Ranbir says that he understands, but Rhea says we had a difficult relationship, and now I have a family that loves me unconditionally. She tells that she has spent many years in this, and she doesn’t want to go through it again. She has found a relationship where there is no complication of wife, sautan, ego, or jealousy.

As for trueness and purity, she says we don’t have any jealousy, conspiracy, etc. She says we are happy now, whatever we do is from the heart, and that she doesn’t want any single thing to change. Ranbir asks if you have spoken to Papa, Dida, Mom, and Badi Dida about this.

Dadi asks Shahana what she said. She says she doesn’t worry. She says she doesn’t know why she is hurt. Dadi says Prachi shall feel and understand what she has said. Shahana asks Dadi if she lied to me. Dadi says you let her say lie. Shahana says she couldn’t understand and said I will tell her what’s right for her.

Prachi wipes her tears and asks Shahana to give medicine to Dadi. Shahana says she came to talk and will leave. Prachi says she is not sure what she wants to talk about. As Shahana says, I can understand and see everything. Prachi asks what she wants to say. Shahana asks why she is torturing herself.

In response, Prachi says don’t say anything because Ranbir is moving on with Rhea, so why are you moving on with Akshay? I used to do what he wanted when I was with him, but now I won’t do anything that he wants because he’s moving on with Rhea.

Akshay calls Prachi. Shahana asks Prachi to speak to her first. Prachi rejects Akshay’s call and tells that she has rejected as she wants, and not because you said so. As she switches off her phone, Akshay wonders if Prachi is angry with him. Prachi says it is my life and my decisions. Shahana says you do not want to move on in life, since you love Ranbir so much.

Prachi says I have so much noise in my head you don’t know what it is. Shahana says I am also living with you, and I can feel what you want. You still love and remember him a lot, she says.


Shahana says to Prachi that after so long you finally feel relaxed in your life, so forget Ranbir and move on with Akshay. Rhea says to Dadi that if Ranbir loves Prachi, it is his choice, and if Prachi loves Ranbir, it is hers.

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