Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba prays to God. Seerat sits beside her. Angad finishes the business meeting. His assistant briefs him about today’s schedule. Angad recalls Sahiba asking him to reach the Gurdwara on time to see something and asking the assistant to postpone meetings until tomorrow.

Sahiba sits between Seerat and Sahiba. Seerat overlooks Sahiba and walks away. Sahiba follows Seerat. Seerat calls Garry and messages him to meet her at the langar hall/community kitchen. Keerat tells Veer that he should not confuse himself and come out directly. Veer says that he should let her come instead. Gurleen calls Veerat and gets tensed when his phone is busy.

Jasleen says Veer has gone to the gurdwara with his bhabhi. Gurleen says Veer’s phone has been busy for quite some time. Prabjot says Veer must be talking to his special friend. Gurleen says even she is his special mother. Keerat sends him her live location. Garry arrives at the gurdwara. Seerat calls him to reach Langar hall, they will perform service, and he should feed her afterwards since she is fasting until the service ends. Garry says she can eat by herself afterwards.

Angad enters the gurdwara. Garry doesn’t notice him. Seerat enters langar hall and wonders what to do. Sahiba hears Seerat’s conversation. She says she can’t clean plates and will serve daal instead. Lady says she has to do what she is asked to do. Sahiba serves Prasad hiding her face. Garry reaches langar hall fuming at Seerat. Angad also reaches behind him.

Angad walks to Sahiba. An old man gives him food to serve devotees. Angad serves devotees and asks Sahiba what she wanted to tell him. They start their nok jhok. He asks him to wait, but Angad insists on telling him now. Sahiba tells him he will find out the truth in some time, and he will get answers to all his questions.

The lady asks Seerat to continue her service. Garry thinks Seerat will easily get a job in a dhaba. He gets tense noticing Angad and Sahiba serving devotees. Seerat walks toward Garry, and before Sahiba can inform Angad, Garry escapes. Garry realizes Sahiba wants to expose him. The priest asks Sahiba if Angad is her husband. She nods yes. The priest blesses their jodi and tells her she shouldn’t eat anything before finishing the service.

Sahiba says she’ll take Angad from there. Seerat also searches for Garry. Angad asks Sahiba why she brought him here. Sahiba says she’ll show him proof, he should be patient. Sahiba drags Angad into the living room and says she will show him who made Seerat elope. Angad asks what is this drama about. Sahiba collapses.

She says Sahiba is fasting for him and hasn’t eaten since morning. Angad feeds water to Sahiba. Sahiba opens his eyes and points at Garry.

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