Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

During the episode, Ayaan asks Tanisha to come home. She thinks my plan is working. Faltu talks to the girls. Ayaan is surprised to hear her plan to trap a rich man.

I don’t want to be with Ayaan, I didn’t know Ayaan’s marriage had been fixed with Tanisha. I have to find a new guy, I have to become a cricketer, don’t worry, the new guy is really rich, he agreed to help me, you know Ayaan’s wife gave me 20 lakhs for my eye operation, I got fine, so I told her I would return the money to her. I don’t care about those Mittals anymore, they’re useless to me.

The girl looks on. She says she just has one goal, to get her own work done, and not care about anyone else. She sees Ayaan. The girl turns towards Ayaan and Tanisha. As she asks what you’re doing, he scolds her in anger. He asks why didn’t you let me know your true motive, you could have asked for my help, I also help strangers, why did you do this drama of being innocent, why did you cheat my family?

He says fine, I won’t show your face, remember this, you are able to see today because of my wife, because I asked you to stay away. She says I know, I will return the money. He stares at her angrily. She steps back. He asks will you return the money, how, you’ll ask your new boyfriend to return it, and I’ll tell the truth. He stops her when she says she will earn and return the money.

If you need money, I’ll become a maid. He says fine, become my housemaid. He asks what happened, did you get speechless. She says she just got lost from here. Before his head blasts, he asks Tanu to come with him. Faltu agrees, I will work in your house. He says I think your ego got hurt, come home tomorrow at 11am, Amar ji will explain the work. They leave together.

Tanisha comes home. Sid asks how it happened. She says Ayaan is getting Faltu home. He asks how you convinced her. She says I counted my favors. He says it is good, he is getting her home. It’s too bad Ayaan didn’t hear her. I don’t know how she accepted his words. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s words and screams. She sits in tears.

She says Tanisha wanted me to fill hatred in Ayaan’s heart, and I took his job offer, no, I can’t lose my courage, this has to be done. She washes her face. Sumitra says, “I can’t believe it, Faltu was invited home by Ayaan.” He is my true elder brother, he is getting Faltu himself. She says we can play politics with her, if Janardhan refuses to marry her it will be bad. He says Tanu will convince him. They laugh.

You said this wasn’t part of our plan, Tanisha said. Faltu says no, I’m sorry, my self esteem got hurt, don’t worry, I’ll do something there to get Ayaan to kick me out, I won’t come between you two. Tanisha thanks for doing this for me, maybe this is a way to fix the wrong. They hug.


Faltu secretly applies sindoor. Tanisha says you refused to accept the marriage, what game are you playing? Ayaan asks what’s going on.

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