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The Episode begins with Manbeer discussing Sahiba’s behaviour with Angad. Angad says he will talk to her later. Jasleen asks Seerat to serve everyone and expresses her pride in her. Seerat takes kababs and serves them to the guests. One guest, Mark, comments on the excessive salt in the kababs, finding it unique and enjoyable.

Seerat offers to prepare something salty and spicy for him, but Mark says it’s already prepared. Seerat goes to serve kababs to others. Meanwhile, Angad engages in conversation with the guests. Sahiba arrives and tells Seerat that she will take over the serving. She serves kababs to the guests, emphasizing that they never let their guests’ plates go empty. Jasleen introduces Gary to the guests as her son and Angad’s right-hand man. A guest questions Gary about his absence from the meeting, and Jasleen explains that Gary is working on an important project. She reveals that Seerat is Gary’s wife, contrary to the guests’ assumption that she is Angad’s wife. The guest praises Gary for being fortunate to have such a wife. However, Mark, who has been eyeing Seerat, taunts Angad by commenting on Seerat’s beauty and referring to Sahiba as zero. Angad becomes furious and warns Mark about his drunken state. Mark insists that he is stating the truth, provoking Angad’s anger further.

Akaal suggests that Mark leave, or they will have to handle him. Mark continues making inappropriate remarks towards Seerat, which angers Angad to the point of physically assaulting Mark. Seerat cries, and everyone attempts to stop Angad. Sahiba also tries to intervene, but Angad is determined to teach Mark a lesson for disrespecting Seerat. Akaal urges Angad to stop, but Angad remains relentless in beating Mark. Seerat, overwhelmed by the situation, hugs Angad, surprising everyone. However, she quickly realizes her action, apologizes, and walks away, leaving Gary observing the scene.

Mark’s partner apologizes to Akaal on his behalf and takes Mark away. Seerat ponders how everyone must perceive her, especially Angad, after the unexpected hug. Sahiba approaches her, noticing her trembling hands. Seerat blames herself for arriving late and causing misunderstandings and comments. Sahiba reassures her that she stands by her side and is just a phone call away. Angad drinks water, and Akaal suggests cancelling all deals with Mark. Jaspal argues that cancelling the deal would result in losses as they represent their interests in Canada.

Akaal expresses his willingness to bear the business losses but not the insult to their family’s reputation. Jasleen criticizes Angad for resorting to physical violence, while Akaal suggests involving the police. Sahiba arrives, and Jasleen blames her for the delayed arrival. Others also blame Sahiba for going to college. A heated argument ensues, with Akaal stating that he warned Angad, but he allowed Sahiba to go to college. He shares his disappointment and loss of trust in Angad, ignoring Sahiba’s plea to not punish Angad for her mistake.

Jasleen rejoices in Akaal’s disapproval of Angad and instructs Gary to build a positive image in their father’s eyes. Angad’s mother blames Sahiba, who tries to explain herself to Angad, mentioning that she was locked in the classroom without network access. Angad refuses to listen and reminds her of the promise they made to Bebe and Daar ji. He criticizes her appearance and accuses her of breaking his trust and tarnishing his reputation. He expresses his disappointment and regrets supporting her as a husband, stating that this misunderstanding wouldn’t have arisen if he hadn’t been a supportive husband.


The police arrive to arrest Akaal Singh, citing a complaint filed against him from the house. Jasleen asks Sahiba if she filed a complaint against their father for not letting her go to college. Sahiba denies it, but Jasleen shows a video in which Sahiba blames Akaal for restricting her education and filing a complaint against him. Sahiba is shocked by the revelation.

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