Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Throughout the episode, Shahana tells Prachi that she used to understand her through her actions and that’s why she is telling her this, that you are still connected to him now, that you miss him, and that you love him. Your heart beats for him even now, and you feel affected by him whenever he is in front of you. She tells her that Ranbir’s love never brought her any peace and that she should move on with Akshay instead of Ranbir.

Ranbir will snatch your life from you, and she asks her to give Akshay a chance and move forward with him, as well as give her life a chance and be happy. Then she says you understand me and asks her to leave. Prachi pushes her out, and Shahana says by sending me out, you are not eradicating him from your life. Dida asks Prachi if she heard about her younger sister’s happiness. Prachi falls on the bed and cries.

He tells Rhea that my family will not understand and will blame Prachi for this if I tell them. You said that Prachi was happy with our announcement and that means she has moved on, but my family will not understand. She says what is important is our relationship, the way we live and I am happy that all of our relationships are good. She says I’m not talking about their understanding, and I don’t know if Prachi has moved on.

In the hall, she calls Pallavi, Dida, Badi Dadi, etc. Pallavi asks Rhea if everything is fine. Rhea says, “I’m sorry, you might not like what I’m going to do.” Pallavi asks her to tell clearly. Rhea tells that she can’t marry Ranbir. Dida and Badi Dadi are shocked. Ranbir says no. Rhea says no. Badi Dadi asks then who told you. Dida says Pallavi must have told her, and that’s why she’s saying this.

Rhea asks why she would tell me anything. Dida says Pallavi must have forced her to. Pallavi says she doesn’t want anyone to be helpless. Rhea says Pallavi aunty didn’t say anything. Badi Dadi says you’ll marry Ranbir only and says Choti takes care of everything. We want you to be the bahu of the house, Badi Dadi says. Dida says you will be the bahu against Pallavi’s wishes.

Dida says I know Pallavi well, and she might have told another person and made you hear that it is Ranbir’s life and decision. Rhea says Pallavi Aunty didn’t tell me anything, it is up to me. When Badi Dadi asks her to decide, Rhea says I am not ready for marriage and I cannot marry Ranbir. She walks out.

Pallavi tells Dida that this is what you wanted. Pallavi says I wanted you to do this, but Rhea did it and she is very proud of her. Aryan believes Rhea has changed completely and has become sensible and understanding. Dida tells Pallavi that this is exactly what you wanted. She says you tried to lower Prachi by showing that if she moves on, Ranbir can also move on. She thanks Rhea for understanding. She leaves.

Asshay gets restless and can’t sleep. Pehli baar hai ji plays. Ashok says I didn’t come to spy and couldn’t leave because of your restlessness. Akshay says Prachi hasn’t talked to me since I proposed to her, and he has a feeling that she is angry with me.

Then Ashok asks her if she told you this. He says she might be shocked as you proposed to her. Akshay says Prachi is not the type of girl who does drama in front of people. When she comes to work tomorrow, Ashok asks if she felt good. Ashok says she will talk to her family and decide, it will be full approval.

Then Akshay tells Ashok that Rhea is Prachi’s sister and will marry Ranbir. Ashok says I congratulated them. Akshay says if Prachi agrees. Akshay hugs Ashok and says Rhea liked him a lot for Prachi. He says I have won Prachi as you have won Mom. Ashok is happy. Dadi tells Shahana that Prachi isn’t willing to listen to her and that she said she won’t take her decision with Ranbir’s decision. Shahana asks how she knows.

She says she won’t understand and will refuse Akshay to prove us wrong. Shahana says Akshay loves her and wants to marry her. Akshay loves Prachi and takes care of her, but even Ranbir loves her, but as love gets old, the intensity of the love lessens and the ego develops. This leads to the relationship becoming a challenge rather than a relationship.

Rhea cannot love Ranbir like them, and Akshay cannot love Prachi like them. She says Ranbir and Prachi both have hurt each other, and I am sad that their relationship came to this. Ranbir and Prachi should separate and stay away from each other if there is less love in life. She says life goes on if there is less pain.

As Shahana asks Dadi to speak with Prachi, Dadi says that there is still time for everything, if we tell her now, she will prove us wrong, she is hurt deeply. After she heals from her pain and the storm settles, we will speak to her. She says we will speak to her tomorrow and she will agree.

Badi Dadi and Dida come to Rhea. Rhea says you are here. Dida says you love us and want to stay with us. Badi Dadi says when you marry Ranbir, you will have a relationship with us. She says that you love him and asks why you are doing this. Rhea says I love this house and family, and I want everyone to be happy.

You are right that you should have relations with this house – Prachi is her sister and Ranbir is her friend – and she asks why you set this rule that I must marry the son of this house. The way they are living makes her happy, as she is getting love from everyone. She is not willing to lose the right to love and be loved by her family.

It is important that you listen to me carefully if you wish to hear in clear words. She asks her to understand the consequences of Prachi’s return to Ranbir’s life. Having suffered earlier, she says you will understand and tells her not to take Prachi’s return lightly, saying you will suffer all those things again if she returns.

Rhea says she doesn’t want to relive those moments again. She says she doesn’t want to be the same Rhea who had an ego, cheated, betrayed and conspired. Rhea says she does not want to burden Ranbir with the same feelings again. Ranbir hears her. Rhea says if Prachi also loves Ranbir, she has the right to choose her.


Dida asks Ranbir to decide at the right time or you will not get Rhea nor Prachi. Prachi gives Ashok and Akshay a resignation letter and says she is resigning. Akshay gets up unexpectedly.

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