Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba drags Angad out of the community service hall in search of Garry. Angad asks what she is doing. Sahiba waits for Garry at a shoe stand. Garry silently picks up his shoes and leaves. A mob gathers outside Gurdwara. Veer notices the mob and tries to enter Gurdwara. Keerat as usual scolds him and walks into the gurdwara to protect Sahiba. Angad orders Eve teasers and girls to leave the gurdwara premises.

Sahiba comes to Angad’s rescue by telling the girls that Angad is not with the boys and he is just asking them to leave the gurdwara premises. They start verbally abusing him. Sahiba says that Angad is not with the boys and he is just asking them to leave.

Angad is verbally abused by the girls. A few goons join them and attack him. Keerat defends him and beats them. The boy who provoked Seerat to escape is here, Sahiba says. Angad accuses her of hiring someone to make him believe her lie. When Angad escapes, Seerat stops him and asks where he is going without meeting her. Garry says she called Sahiba and Angad here in order to prove Angad provoked her to leave.

Angad and Sahiba’s presence shocks Seerat, who rejects Garry’s allegations. Garry continues to argue with her. A goon throws a stone at Angad. Sahiba notices this and bears the stone on her forehead to protect Angad. Angad holds Sahiba. Keerat rushes to help Sahiba. Angad lifts her to a roadside shop and feeds her water. Sahiba opens her eyes. Angad asks Veer to bring a car and bring Sahiba to the hospital.

Angad refuses to believe her and calls Veer to bring the car soon. Sahiba notices a CCTV camera nearby. Japjyoth says their new DIL Sahiba did everything, they are lucky to have her. Manveer frowns, and Japjyoth wonders why she is frowning. When Jasleen asks Manveer about Inder, he tells her that it is none of her business, she would have saved her marriage if she had focused on her husband instead of looking into other people’s lives.

Jasleen taunts Manveer that at least her son and daughter are with her, but Manveer has lost even her son to her DIL. Manveer says Mamma’s mummu hasn’t changed and is still her obedient toddler. As Jasleen asks why Angad was in the gurdwara with Sahiba, Akaal and Japjyoth are happy to hear Angad went to the Gurdwara.

Angad asks what she is doing here, and Sahiba holds his hand and walks towards Garry and Seerat.

Garry gets tense seeing Angad as he sees Garry and Seerat’s argument.

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