Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba asks Ajith and Santosh why they spend so much on food. Ajith says the daughter will become a guest after the marriage. Sahiba says she is not a guest. Santosh thinks Sahiba doesn’t realize the real issue is that she put this house as collateral for money for Seerat’s wedding. Sahiba reminds them how much they spent on Seerat’s wedding and warns them against unnecessary expenditures.

Sahiba decides to go to her shop to check on the orders. Ajith and Santosh object, saying Angad is here and it will look bad. Kirat comments on Angad. Santosh asks Kirat only to call Angad Jiju. As Sahiba sees Angad wearing the dress Ajith gifted him, he asks Ajith to call him for dinner. When Sukhdeep runs into Manveer while taking clothes to Angad’s room, Manveer scolds him for running into her.

A servant breaks Angad’s photo frame while cleaning the room. Sukhdeep apologizes to Manveer for running into her. Manveer takes Angad’s clothes from Sukhdeep and puts them in his room. Manveer gets angry at the servant and sends him away. Hansraj comes and tells Manveer not to take out her anger on the servants like this. Angad is not only Hansraj’s child, but also Inder’s child. She says that Inder separated from her because of alcohol, and Angad separated from Manveer because of a girl.

According to Manveer, Angad would never do something like this willingly. According to him, this is all Sahiba’s fault. Hansraj agrees with Manveer and comments on Sahiba’s actions. Inder asks Hansraj to stop pouring petrol over Manveer’s anxiety. Inder says Angad loves Manveer more than anyone else and asks Hansraj to stop talking that way. Gurleen interrupts their argument and asks Manveer to eat some food. Manveer refuses to eat or drink anything until Angad gets home.

Angad feeds Sahiba while she is talking and Sahiba feeds Angad Mirchi to teach him a lesson. Later, Sahiba acts as if she accidentally fed Angad Mirchi.

Santosh hopes Sahiba and Angad will fall in love soon and thinks everything will be alright between them.

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