Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV and Poorvi’s Honeymoon Drama

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Poorvi telling RV that it is not funny. She asks RV, “Dadu sent us for the honeymoon with so much love, but what happened?” She says they have made the booking. RV says he can’t wake up at night and must cancel the honeymoon because he has trouble with him. Poorvi asks him to think of a solution.

It sounds like we’re headed home. RV asks why you’re upset about it, as if you’re excited about your honeymoon with me. She says yes, very excited. RV thinks you might have bad intentions. Poorvi asks what that means. He says maybe your evil eye is on me. He tells Poorvi to be within limits and says he is not saying anything, but that doesn’t mean you can. He says it’s a girl’s patent that she says everything and then claims they didn’t say anything.

He says if she is not excited, why was she upset about not having a hearing room? Poorvi says Dadu and Dadi sent us on honeymoon with many hopes; if we returned, they would suffer. She says you love them as well. Elders have felt wrong about such things for a long time, and she does not want them to feel bad about it either.

In her opinion, Deepika is proud of Monisha for getting RV’s room canceled when she posed as secretary. Monisha asks Deepika to call RV and ask about his honeymoon. RV answers the call. RV says there is a problem, and the room has been canceled. Deepika asks how your honeymoon is going and says I disturbed your date night. RV says there is a problem and says the room has been canceled. Deepika says this is really bad. It seems your mahurat is not good enough to go there.

RV says we would have come without getting the other room. He says we were upgraded from a standard room to a suite room. A manager informed them. The manager apologizes for the inconvenience. RV says what can be done if a booking is canceled. He says I will take care of it. He can arrange a special suite since he is a loyal customer and a member of their loyalty program, and he can also arrange a room reserved for VIPs or owners.

RV thanks him. Flashback ends. Deepika tells Monisha about RV getting an upgraded suite. She ends the call and tells her she will let everyone know you are fine. Monisha asks her to accompany her and says she will go to the resort. Poorvi cannot be lucky, she says. She will not let him sleep in his room.

The waiter says you are lucky to get the owner’s room and asks if they are satisfied. RV says we don’t have any choice. The waiter says you have a great time and leaves. Poorvi asks him not to think anything will happen. RV taunts her and says you felt from your heart. Poorvi says I said so you wouldn’t think. RV says you are a typical girl who believes and blames others. He says he doesn’t want to argue because he is tired.

I am more tired than you, Poorvi says. He asks why since you have traveled more. She says it is a fact that boys are physically stronger than girls. He says mentally as well. Poorvi says she wants to sleep peacefully now. RV says this is my bed, and I will sleep here. Poorvi asks who came on the bed first, jumps on it, and falls, asking who lied down on it first. He covers the bed most of the time.

As Poorvi asks how he’s sleeping, RV tells him to sleep on the couch. He counts whatever he did and claims he lifted her, fought in the haunted haveli, and then carried that uncle and aunty. A waiter knocks on the door. RV says someone complimentary must be there. The waiter gives them their luggage.

When she sees RV on the bed, she asks them to enjoy and leaves. When she opens her luggage, RV says it’s mine. He thinks she might want to win the chance to meet me. Poorvi says she wouldn’t want to meet him if he were the only man in the world. He says the same to you. He says mission accomplished.

It’s Monisha and Deepika in the taxi. Monisha asks the driver to drive fast. He says he wants extra money. She says she’ll pay via UPI. She asks the driver to drive fast now. Poorvi is being kidnapped. Deepika asks how she can say that in front of anyone. Poorvi sits on a bench next to RV. Poorvi is teased and drinks coffee. She asks him to drink coffee and sleep on the bed. He says this is his last chance to sleep in the room. Poorvi refuses.

It’s Dadi’s turn to ask RV how he’s doing. RV says he’s okay. Dadi asks him about his honeymoon and about Poorvi. RV says she’s having a better time than me. Dadi asks him to talk to HR. RV says she’s in the bathroom and says I’ll talk to her later. Dadi says if you don’t tell me to speak to her, I’ll come there with Dadu. RV says she’s in the bathroom. Dadi says she’ll wait until she talks to her and will not sleep until she does. RV thinks of what to do next.


When Dadi and Dadi are on the video call with RV and Poorvi, Dadi asks RV to dance with Poorvi and fill her maang. RV takes Kumkum and fills in her maang to show Dadu and Dadi. In their dance, Monisha tells Deepika she has the right to do everything with RV. Deepika asks her to move Poorvi out of the way and enter RV’s room.

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