Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jasbir’s Deception Unravels!

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, he tells his Chacha that he is an MLA and his wife is his wife. Prachi says he doesn’t like how you talk to me. Prachi says I’m not talking that way and asks her to clarify where her son is. Chacha asks what do you want to say? Manpreet asks where is your useless son who kidnapped our daughter, and Jasbir’s Chachi asks them to leave. RV and Yug arrive at Poorvi’s house and ask her to leave.

Vishaka says that Chacha loves Jasbir more than his son and that you should know about him. As his Chacha claims that he was unaware of Jassi’s location, he says that if he had known where Jassi was with the girl, he would have arrested him, as she does not deserve to be the bahu of his family. Prachi says, you talk about women’s welfare and saying this. They ask Chacha where Poorvi is. Chacha says they do not know. Ashok calls the Police Inspector.

“The guard unlocks the door as RV inquires about Poorvi’s whereabouts. As they step inside, the others join the guards restraining RV and Yug to their chairs. Chacha informs the Inspector that they are unaware of Jassi’s location and whether their daughter is with him. Vishaka urges them to be honest, criticizing Jasbir for his affiliation with thugs. Chachi interjects, but Diya boldly asserts that he is a thug and questions why they didn’t try to stop him. Manpreet adds that he is a disgrace and anyone who marries him will hold them accountable. Vishaka pointedly reminds them that they, too, will face the consequences.”

Chachi says I will not hear anything against my family. Vishaka says he has kidnapped our daughter, otherwise we wouldn’t have come here. Ashok asks the Inspector to ask him. The inspector says both families must go to the police station. Both families go there. Khushi asks who are they? Diya tells her who they are. Inspector asks Chacha to contact Tiger’s family because Jasbir and Tiger are always together. Manpreet asks where Prachi is.

Jasbir and Poorvi observe the arrival of a man. Jasbir urges Tiger to remove him from the premises, threatening physical harm. Turning to Poorvi, he inquires about her conversation with the man. She responds by stating that she does not love him, as where there is no love, there can be no relationship—Jasbir counters by pointing out that she at least respects him. However, Poorvi denies this as well. Expressing frustration, Jasbir describes a desire to smash his head against a nearby coconut, likening Poorvi’s behavior to that of his mother, who initially had no love or respect for his father until after they were married. He argues that once they are married, Poorvi will inevitably come to love and respect him, too. But she adamantly refuses, causing Jasbir to grab his phone and demand a video call with someone named Prachi. Despite Poorvi’s objections and repeated declarations that there will be no marriage between them, Jasbir shows her footage of Prachi struggling on the street trying to hail a rickshaw before exclaiming in a pained voice: “Maa.”

After abducting Prachi, Jassi’s henchmen then hold Poorvi captive and propose to her. However, she declines his proposal. Jasbir, in an attempt to persuade her, reminds her that he has the power to harm her mother if she refuses. Despite her reluctance, they proceed with the wedding ceremony. Jasbir then asks Poorvi to smile like she did when they first met and promises always to keep her happy. As they are about to exchange vows, Poorvi hesitates to hold his hand. In response, Jasbir asks the priest to consider them as being already united in their hearts.

According to Pandit ji, everything is going well. Shera has contacted Jasbir and brought Yug and RV to his home. After seeing RV, Poorvi becomes emotional and starts crying. Upon recognizing her, RV exclaims her name. Shera explains that he had invited RV over but ended up restraining him. In response, RV demands that Poorvi return to the wedding location within 5 minutes, or he will regret it forever. Jasbir assures him that he will regret his actions and then hands the phone over to Poorvi, who reveals that their mother has been taken hostage. Jasbir then promises to bring their mother to bless the marriage as he believes it cannot be complete without her presence. He also mentions that he had initially planned on inviting the whole family, but only their mother is needed for now.

She removes the cloth from over her head while in the car deck. She opens the deck and sees Ashutosh as the car is parked at the traffic signal. Prachi calls him and asks him to open the deck. Ashutosh opens the deck. When Prachi emerges, she asks him to run. She sits on his bike and leaves. The goons see her.

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