Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Prachi Confronts Krishna, RV Faces Monisha’s Doubts

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Krishna is considering backing down from this marriage, says Trishna. Trishna says everything will be destroyed if Krishna backs down now. Prachi says Krishna might be getting cold feet and says she will speak to him. Trishna agrees and asks Prachi to convince Krishna there is nothing wrong with the marriage. Prachi agrees and leaves.

RV asks Monisha the reason for her distress. Monisha inquires if he has developed feelings for Purvi, referencing the time she witnessed him kissing her on the forehead. RV reminds her of his motive for marrying Purvi and confesses that it is rooted in revenge. He further explains that it brings him peace and will go to any lengths for it, regardless of anyone’s presence. As RV prepares to depart, Monisha halts him with tears in her eyes. She implores him not to cry and requests a kiss on her forehead. In the mirror, RV notices Purvi observing them and grants Monisha’s wish before Purvi exits the scene.

This should not happen, says Deepika to Vaishali. Deepika regrets supporting RV and letting him marry Purvi. She says she should have told Monisha the truth about RV’s desire to revenge Purvi. Deepika is asked by Harleen not to think about it. Harleen reminds Deepika that they came to a wedding and can talk about it there. Harleen leaves from there after asking Deepika to stop talking about it. Vaishali and Deepika discuss it further.

In the Groom’s room, Krishna talks to his inner self. He declares he will not marry Trishna since he only loves Prachi. Prachi enters the Groom’s room. The electricity goes out, so Prachi can’t see Krishna’s face. Prachi talks to Krishna. Krishna says to Prachi that he shouldn’t think about the right moment. Prachi says to Krishna that he doesn’t want anything to go wrong between them.

Dadaji runs into RV. Dadi asks RV why Monisha is with him at this wedding. RV reminds him that Monisha is his business partner. Dadaji takes RV aside. In RV’s words, Dadi is concerned that there is a lack of closeness between RV and Purvi, so he should plan another honeymoon for them. RV replies that there is no need, and that they’re pretty close.

When Purvi arrives at Dadaji and Dadi, RV tells her he is worried about her and hugs her. Later, RV tells Dadi that Purvi and he became close after their honeymoon. Prachi says she cannot hear his voice. The lights are turned on and Prachi talks to Karthik, not Krishna, and Krishna talks to Trishna, not Prachi.

Krishna tells Trishna he feels like his past is coming out in front of him and he doesn’t like it. He then asks Trishna to marry him. Krishna agrees. When Karthik asks Prachi how she knows his wife, she says his wife sent him here to talk to him and convinces Karthik to marry her.

As the lights go out to Vaishali, Deepika comments on Tandon’s family arrangements. Monisha arrives and asks Visakha to do everything well, as if anything goes wrong, it will also harm the Malhotra family’s reputation. As Amar Dayal thinks this wedding will be stopped without him doing anything, Dadi complains to Dadaji that RV and Purvi aren’t close, and suggests they send them on another honeymoon since their last trip was ruined.

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