Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 10th March 2023 written episode update

A written update on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th March 2023

A meeting between Surekha and Abhinav occurs in the episode. I apologize Jamaisa, I didn’t mean to hurt your heart. Would you lie to me even now that you had back pain last night? I’m older and we’ve been married for a long time, you are sweet and sorry, but real husbands and wives are not like you either, did you keep Akshara away so she wouldn’t run away from Abhimanyu one day? He cries and leaves.

Akshara is overcome with emotion, the tears streaming down her face. Abhir wonders where everyone is and if something has happened. Abhinav reflects on the events that had just transpired, asking for a few moments by himself. When he steps out, Akshara is standing at the gate. He notes that when she dropped their suffixes he thought she was making a move towards him and he doesn’t understand what happened today. He then asks if there’s still room in her heart for him and if she still loves him, getting the answer after which he adds…

Roohi greets them. Akshara hugs her. Roohi says we’ll have fun now, I’ve come. Akshara cries. Abhinav watches. Rohan prepares Abhimanyu for surgery. Aarohi says the surgery will take place. Kairav holds her. To make Abhimanyufine, he tells them not to panic.

Aarohi is perplexed as to why Abhimanyu has contacted her, but she puts her concerns aside, thinking his health is most important. Manjiri and Mahima then express their worry when there’s no information on Abhimanyu’s condition. In a bid to do something, Manish consoles Manjiri while Anand spurs them on with optimism, which gives Suwarna some hope who would go on to pray for his recovery. Abhir is left frustrated as he felt deceived by his family and Roohi brings Poppy into the mix by revealing she had been taken to the hospital. Parth rallies for help before Kairav chimes in about being in contact with someone who could help.

Abhimanyu is fine, Manish says. Akshara tells Roohi not to cry, poppy’s fine. Abhir wipes Roohi’s tears and consoles her. When I prayed to Kanha, Abhimanyu came to save my dad; I did not lie to my sister; we will pray to Shiv. Roohi says he isn’t there. He gets a stone and says Neela told me to pray with a true heart to see Bholenath in a stone. Akshara lights a diya. They pray for Abhi together.

Abhimanyu lets out a cry, which is met with Anand’s sigh of relief. Mahima worries over his falling pulse, while Akshara starts praying. Abhinav intervenes to comfort the kids, by giving them a hug and making sure Roohi falls asleep. Suwarna suggests taking her to the bedroom but Abhinav insists she remains his sister. Dadi reflects on her old days when she used to steal tamarind as a child and how her brother would scold her if she brought him batasha; true love between siblings is undeniable. His story brings tears to Abhinav’s face, he rejoices in knowing that his deceased son has become an incredible brother. Akshara agrees and Surekha keeps any bad omens away from them.

The doctor has to be met, Abhir says. Akshara says we cannot. Abhir asks why, when dad was sick, a doctor came to meet him, so we should visit him now that he is sick. Dadi says everyone is there, kids aren’t allowed. Akshara says yes, meet him when he recovers. Abhir prays.

Rohan checks Mahma’s neck for bleeding. Rohan says there is no bleeding. Manjiri worries. Abhir leaves home. He says Shiv ji is with me, I have no tension, and I have also placed my location, and he throws a stone to scare a dog. As he leaves, he apologizes for not informing Akshara, I must see a doctor, and the Bhabhuti will protect me.


Akshara calls out to Abhir. Abhinav asks what happened. She shows the note. Abhir sees Abhimanyu in the hospital ward. Abhinav says for them to meet.

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