Anupama 11th March 2023 written episode update

Anupama written update

Maaya tells Little Anu that it’s impossible for all of them to stay together now because Anuj will constantly fight with Anupama because of her, so she will leave here, but she can’t stay without her. Little Anu asks why? According to her, she died every day when she left Little Anu in the ashram; Destiny has always kept her alone Maaya tells Little Anu. Anupama has three children, as well as many family members, but she is alone; she hopes she shouldn’t have left her there. She cries and says she wished both she and Little could stay together and she does not have to live alone.

At Anupama’s birthday party when all couples dance to Kuch Na Kaho… Song. Anuj with Anupama, Samar with Dimple, Anirudh with Kavya, Paakhi with Adhik and Kinjal with Toshu. Little Anu asks Maaya how she will stay alone. Since she just wants her happy, Maaya says when she can stay alone for her sake, she is willing to cry for her sake and writhe in pain for her sake and will wait for her regular calls. Maaya then breaks down in tears.

Anuj and Anupama dance passionately to the song Lagjaa Gale Ke Phir Ye Haseen Raat Na Ho. Everyone claps for them during the song.

Continuing to emotionally blackmail Little Anu, Maaya questions god for snatching each relationship from her and how hard it is to remain alone. If her daughter is not with her, she will die of suffocation, she says. Little Anu looks at Maaya crying and then assures her that she will go with Maaya and will never leave her alone. If her parents are fighting because of her then she will go with Maaya. Maaya laughs and thanks Little Anu for ensuring she is with her.

When they return home, Anuj and Anupama laugh. Anupama hugs him and thanks him for celebrating her best birthday. Anuj thanks her for marrying him since otherwise he would have been a bachelor his entire life. Anuj goes into his room and Anupama goes to check on Little Anu and calls Anuj in shock. Anuj rushes over to her and asks what happened. Anupama shows Little Anu’s empty closet with a goodbye note.

Barkha, Ankush, and Dimpy hear Anupama’s shout and rush toward her room.

Anupama shakes Anuj and gets him to his senses, and says they need to look for Little Anu, then asks what happened. Anupama says Maaya took Little Anu away.

Anirudh drops Kavya off at her home. Dimpy’s message shocks Kavya and she rushes inside in shock to inform her family about Maaya escaping with Little Anu.

Anuj calls his contacts and orders them to look for them. Ankush says he checked the surrounding area, but couldn’t find them; They walked out and took a taxi and then changed the cab at the next turning. Maaya must have used multiple taxis to avoid CCTV coverage. Anuj panics. Anupama tries to maintain her calm because she can’t panic. She gets a call from Maaya.

The Shahs were furious over Maaya’s crime. Hasmukh expressed worry for Anuj and Anupama. Leela asked how they could know if Little Anu had gone with her willingly or been taken away by force. Samar pointed out kids can be easily convinced. Leela blames Anupama as she allowed Maaya to stay at home and aided in taking the child away. Fortunately, Anuj received a video call from Maaya’s number which Little Anu had made. He inquired about their location, remarking that he was coming to take them back while Little Anu told him not to, explaining she had left with Maaya of her own accord and was very content – intending to travel far away.

Precap: Anupama tells Anuj that Little Anu is leaving. She pleads with Maaya to let them see her one last time to which Maaya replies that she will allow it one last time.

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