Pandya Store 11th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 11th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Music plays as Raavi applies Holi colours to Shiva. They smile. She runs. He runs after her. She throws flowers at him. He plays Dhol. He sings Baja Baja Dol Baja Re…. Everyone comes out and plays Holi. Dhara applies Holi to Dev and Rishita. She thinks Natasha is with Suman, so it’s good Krish is with Prerna. Krish thinks about what to do. He says Shweta is here. They all worry. Dhara asks Prerna to leave right away.

I wanted to play Holi with Prerna, Krish says. A lady wishes Suman a happy Holi and says your entire family is together. Suman says we have always been one. She introduces Natasha as her granddaughter. Natasha says she wants to use the bathroom because she gets sick sometimes. Suman apologizes, yes, I will take you.

The kids stop Natasha. She cries and asks them to play with her. Rishita and everyone worry for the kids. They all hug. Everyone dances on Jai jai Shiva Shankar… Shweta plays Holi with Krish. Natasha goes to get some colours. She says I have to go to the washroom, but I also have to play with colours, how shall I proceed? She plays with the colours.

Shiva comes there. He sees everyone. Dev and Gautam see Shiva coming. They dance. Gautam says if he sees Shweta, then it will be a problem. Shweta is seen by Shiva. Suman tries to stop him. Krish sees Shiva and holds Shweta. Dhara takes Shiva. Gautam asks Shweta to continue dancing.

Seeing Prerna leave in anger, Krish asks where Natasha went. Everyone sees Suman as happy. Dhara says she is happy because her family has returned, so let’s go, let’s let Suman play. Shweta asks Suman about Natasha. Suman scolds her.

Natasha has gone to the washroom. Shweta follows. Shiva stops him. He asks who she is. She says no one. He says I feel I have seen her. Rishita worries about reports. Dhara says we will give the kidney to Chutki. Dhara says we have to come together, don’t worry, Natasha is our blood. Natasha comes and hears them. She runs away. Dev gets a message. He says my reports have arrived. Gautam asks him what they say. Dev says the reports don’t match. Rishita is worried. Dhara says we must come together, don’t worry, we are her family, Natasha is our blood.

Dhara says perhaps some locality girl came by mistake. Shweta looks for Natasha. She asks if she saw her. Dhara says she’s playing outside. Shweta argues and asks where my daughter is. Rishita asks what’s going on, did Natasha hear our conversation, she found out we are her family. She is shocked.

Natasha cries and remembers Shweta. Shweta asks who I am if you are Natasha’s family, have shame, see what I do.


As Dhara and Gautam look for Chiku, Shweta asks if she told him everything. Chiku is playing holi. Shweta looks for him.

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