Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sai intervenes and halts Bhavani, questioning her belief that she would allow her daughter to leave her. Bhavani challenges Sai, asserting that she would like to see how Sai can prevent her from taking Saavi with her. Sai always treated Saavi unfairly. She kept Saavi in Gadhchiroli for five years without informing her about her family, then kept her in a small house and brought her here after Saavi had settled with her parents. Sai’s upbringing is questioned by her.

Sai noticed the mistreatment of Bhavani towards her daughter, warning the party workers to leave or be arrested. Fleeing in fear, Bhavani inquired if Sai believed she could expel her as well. She announced she would inform Saavi of how her mother was attempting to keep her from her father and his family; leaving Saavi alone and questioning when will her baba arrive. Satya intervened, asking what kind of elder would force a child to be entangled in their disputes. Bhavani demanded to know who he was. Sai’s husband declared he had the right to speak before being hushed by Sai, placing a tender hand on his.

Saavi calls Bhavani and Saavi happily runs to her and hugs her as Virat watches Bhavani and Satya argue. He asks Bhavani what she is doing at a stranger’s house, and whether she should return home. Virat then asks her to show him her room, which Satya decorated for her. He doesn’t want to and says he’ll come and see her another day as he’s busy now teaching a lesson to a few people. Saavi leaves for her room.

Virat acknowledges that he understands Saavi would feel tense if he separates her from her mother, as he is not cheap like Sai, who separated his daughter from him. Bhavani asks him how he can leave her daughter there, she wants to take Saavi home. If he doesn’t take his daughter out of here, he will lose even his daughter, much like his wife. Virat asks her to leave the house because he feels suffocated.

Amba returns home and bumps into Bhavani. Recognizing her voice, Bhavani calls out to her. Her surprise is palpable as Amba is shocked to see her elder sister there. The rest of them are taken aback as Amba clarifies that Bhavani is indeed her sister. Aaji queries if this was due to some misfortune. Which, Amba affirms that it was because of either her or Bhavani’s bad luck. She goes on to say that this is now her house and Satya her son. Bhavani then remarks on how Satya had enticed a married woman away from her husband and children. Sai interjects in defence, stating nobody had done such a thing.

As Ambu warns her not to speak badly of her son, Bhavani shouts to not call her tai, because she cannot be the sister of someone who had an illegal affair with a married man and had an illegitimate child. Ambu says she is correct. Despite spoiling the family’s name by eloping with a married man and becoming a dancer, Bhavani is here not to rekindle their relationship, but to reclaim her grandchild. She inquires if she truly knows Satya’s father’s name.

Satya warns Bhavani to cease insulting his mother and leave his house. Virat gets angry and warns him to be careful not to misbehave with his aunt. Their argument starts. Sai says she understands Amba and Bhavani’s face off, but there is no reason for Satya and Virat to fight. Bhavani continues to speak ill of Satya and Amba. Virat asks her to leave this place because he cannot stand the presence of a few people.

Virat gets a panic attack when he learns that Paakhi is leaving home and confronts him. He calls Sai and tells her that his mother has left him.

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