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Seerat informs Angad that she was unaware that her acceptance of his offer would be so costly for her. She expresses her apprehensions about the future and wants to talk with him about it, but decides to leave things as they are. Angad also wishes for the issue to not be mentioned again since he just wanted Keerat’s helps to pick a cake for Sahiba’s birthday. She points out that even though she is Sahiba’s sister, he seemed hesitant after yesterday’s incident and nobody seemed to bother about her anymore. Seerat insists that it’s alright in the end.

Her mother used to prepare kada prasad and pray in the gurdwara every year, and Angad asks her not to feel disappointed. Sahiba doesn’t like cakes and her mother used to make kada prasad. Maid hands over Angad’s parcel. When Angad tries to open Sahiba’s gift, he injures his finger with a knife. Seerat suckers his finger. Angad pulls it back and says she shouldn’t.

Sahiba is taken aback at this sight. Seerat inquires of Angad as to why he has an objection if she tries to assist him; would he not have done the same? Angad scoffs and responds that he would have brought a bandage for her instead, telling her that she was not a child to undertake such an endeavor. Seerat brings up how worried he had been for her when she sprainted her leg during a dance performance, pointing out the differences between then and now. He had promised her to look after her when Garrry left. With this in mind, Seerat asserts that there is nothing wrong with expressing concern for another person, especially if it was anyone else in his stead.

Sahiba, overhearing their conversation, questions if she really would do that; wounded a thousand times and yet Seerat seemed unconcerned. Angad furtively conceals the gift box as Seerat remarks how she couldn’t be of help to Sahiba when everyone rushed to her aid even for the slightest of injuries. She vowed to wait for approval whenever Angad faced an injury next time. Sahiba states that Seerat needn’t seek her permission, but rather, if it was the right thing to do. Angad attempts to say something, however Sahiba notices him hiding a box and understands what’s happening. He sheepishly admits it contains jewelry designs as she walks away.

Angad tells Seerat that every relationship has its limits, and one shouldn’t cross them, hoping that she understood his words. He walks to Sahiba and tells her that he told Seerat not to cross her limits in relationships. Sahiba says he should have told Seerat that when she told him first. She rubbed ointment on his finger. As he thanks her, he says, he’s no god; Sahiba heard what he said to Seerat today.

Sahiba tells Angad that he spoke purposely to make her listen and carries on denouncing him. Angad advises not to be naive and to notice the facts. Sahiba receives a message telling her that college resumes from tomorrow. She expresses no desire to converse with him further, claiming she intends to rest given it is the first day of college. Angad remembers it is also her birthday and asks if she stated something; she answers in the negative. He calls Veer and enquires if the surprise is ready; Veer assures him that the cake for bhabhi is prepared.

Angad pretends to be asleep and waits for 12 midnight to wish Sahiba happy birthday. When Veer calls Sahiba, Angad says his sleep is disrupted. Sahiba picks up. Veer and Keerat wish her a happy birthday and ask her to come to the lawn. Angad watches her from the balcony. He wishes her and makes her wear the birthday girl stash. They ask Sahiba if she hasn’t slept yet. Sahiba says tomorrow is her first day at college.

They have a discussion about why Angad didn’t inform Sahiba about something, and they ask her if Angad is aware of it. Sahiba replies negatively, stating that he doesn’t even know it’s her birthday. They suggest that they should inform Angad about it, but Sahiba declines the idea.

In order to celebrate Sahiba’s birthday, Keerat calls Seerat and asks her to come to the lawn. However, Seerat shouts at Keerat not to disturb her, as she is suffering from a headache. Despite Seerat’s unwillingness to participate, Sahiba proceeds to cut the cake and celebrate with Veer and Keerat. Angad records this joyful moment, hoping to do the same tomorrow.

The following morning, Sahiba prepared and set off for college. Angad inquired whether it was her first day. She wondered how he knew. He disclosed that with her getting ready for the day early and carrying her paint brushes, it was obvious. He told her he wanted to give his best wishes. She became ecstatic thinking that he wants to wish her a happy birthday. Instead, he wished her a great first day at college. Slightly let down, she thanked him before walking away. Angad got an idea; he will take her from college and surprise her with a special birthday party while acting engrossed on the phone.

The precap:

Inder asks Sahiba not to tell Manveer or Angad that Simran is the illegitimate daughter he was searching for in whole Punjab and why doesn’t he accept her. Angad is shocked to hear this.

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