Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th August 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Simran steps onto the stage, she reminds Jasleen of their previous conversation about not attending the party, but ultimately permitted her to do so. However, Jasleen’s anger is evident. Manveer interjects by asking why she is even there and begins to walk away. Angad urges her to refrain from reacting due to her illness. Disregarding Angad’s advice, Jasleen approaches Simran and asks her to leave. Kiara intervenes and pleads for Simran to stay, admiring her cuteness. Sahiba then suggests that Simran join her in her room. Before they can leave, Kiara stops them again. Expressing her desire to sing a song for everyone, Simran receives a round of applause from the group at Kiara’s request. She starts singing “Tera Mujhse Hai Zaroor Koi Naata..” but struggles with the lyrics halfway through. Sahiba jumps in and finishes the song with her. Inder joins Simran on stage and dances along with her.

Frustrated, Manveer hurls the table and yells at Inder to stop his despicable act. In a fit of rage, she attempts to throw juice on Simran. However, Inder intervenes and firmly warns her not to misbehave with his daughter. Kiara is taken aback upon learning that Simran is Inder’s child. Angad, displaying his protective nature, scolds Inder as he refers to him as Mr Brar, urging him to let go of his mother’s hand. Eventually, Inder releases Manveer’s grip and declares with pride that Simran is his daughter. He admits feeling ashamed for not standing up for her until now. Determined, Manveer insists on sending Simran away to boarding school. But Angad reveals that he has already arranged for Simran’s admission the following day at a different school. Feeling conflicted about leaving Ludhiana with Simran, Inder now decides to stay put in their current home.

Akaal says they won’t accept his decision. As a hockey player, Inder sacrificed his dream and was forced to join the family business. He suffered a lot because of Akaal, but now he will not tolerate his atrocities. He announces that he will legally adopt Simran. Inder says he never did anything great that his son would be proud of him, but he will make sure that his children will be proud of him in the future.

As Manveer sobs, she grabs the wedding photo of her and Inder and breaks it. Hansraj appears and stirs up her anger towards Sahiba. Then, Sahiba enters the room. As Hansraj leaves muttering inaudibly about Sahiba’s presence, Sahiba declares her love for Manveer and empathizes with her pain. However, Manveer lashes out at Sahiba, claiming she holds no significance in her life and that everything has been ruined since she entered their home. In a fit of rage, Manveer makes a vow to keep Angad away from Simran and vows to never let Simran stay at Brar house. She then calls someone as part of her plan.


Simran is missing, and Sahiba wonders if a family member took her.


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