Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th March

Ghum hai kisike

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th March 2023, Written Update

According to Sonali, Sai has done graha pravesh with Virat and will do kitchen rituals as well. When Pakhi hears that, she attempts to clean off Sai’s footprints from the floor, but is unable to do so. Karishma taunts Pakhi that there is no point in cleaning Sai’s footprints from the floor as Sai already left her footprints in her life and has reached her kitchen. Pakhi cries in frustration.

In the outhouse, Savi asks Vinu why he does not come here. Vinu says he is afraid of her aayi. Savi says her aayi also loves him dearly. Their music player breaks. Vinu opens it to repair it and finds a light inside (bomb).

As Savi hits the player again, it starts working again. She asks Vinu to give it to her so she can hit it and make it work again. Vinu says he will as he is older. She agrees. DJ Kolite, Ajay Kamble, watches from the window.

Inebriated Virat tells Sai that she is preparing karanji incorrectly and picks bittergourd instead. Sai laughs at his jokes and Virat tells her to keep smiling. She asks him to stand aside and explain her recipe.

As he continues his jokergiri, Pakhi walks in and shouts at Sai to leave the kitchen as the house, the kitchen, and her husband belong to her, so she will prepare snacks for him. In response to Virat’s question about Pakhi calling him her husband, Sai asks why she tolerates anyone else calling her husband her husband, and Sai should reply accordingly.

Seeing Virat calling her wife and bringing her into the house, Sai tells Pakhi that even she does not like all this, but he is inebriated, and Pakhi should have some patience. Pakhi says how can she be patient when Virat calls and brings her into the house.

Virat asks Sai to send that woman out. Pakhi walks away fuming. Sai asks Virat to stand aside and tell her the recipe. Virat stands aside, listening to Sai.

On music, Savi and Vinayak dance. When Vinayak drops the speaker on the floor, it stops working. Savi blows air on it and it works again. They start dancing again. Karishma takes them away. Vinu takes the speaker with him. Virat sings the serial’s title song hoarsely.

Sai says he ruined the song. She touches the hot kadai and writhes in pain. Virat suckers on her finger, causing Sai to feel emotional. She then asks Virat to stand aside. Despite the fact that he has caused her a lot of problems, Virat wants her to smile, why they hurt each other even though they don’t want to.

Getting alert again, Sai and he part ways as he apologizes and cries. She says she will prepare karanji, otherwise it will burn. Virat says he will have her burnt karanji. Savi rushes to him and asks if he is okay. She helps him walk to his room.

It makes Bhavani happy to see that and Ashwini frowns. Bhavani says Virat looks happy since morning, what is she going to say about it? Ashwini says Virat is happy, but Pakhi is crying. In Bhavani’s view, if Virat and Sai reunite, Vinu will be convinced, and all four of them will live a happy life, and even spread happiness throughout the whole house.

With a calm mind, she asks Ashwini if she values the happiness of four people or just one. She gives an example and says it’s time for Pakhi to leave Virat’s life.


Sai notices Virat and Pakhi’s photo and stands up. Pakhi watches them. Virat pulls Sai to him and says he feels suffocated without her.

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