Kavya 29th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya Stands Firm to Defend Adi


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The Episode opens with Kavya confronting Giriraj in a heated argument. She stands up for Adi and defends his actions. According to her, it is not his fault if Naina has taken advantage of Adi’s kindness. However, Giriraj dismisses her statement and argues that Adi’s character cannot be cleared in court and will always carry the stain of this incident. He laments about losing one son and having the other ruin his fate. Badi Amma tries to calm him down, but Adi, feeling dejected, walks away. Malini then approaches Adi and explains that his father’s anger stems from his concerns about Adi’s future. But Adi feels misunderstood as his father fails to understand his emotions. Meanwhile, Kavya seeks out Giriraj.

I have always seen strength in you, not weakness. She asks if everything will be okay if you break down. Adi says his father thinks he can handle this. He cries. Malini consoles him. Although we can fight, Adi will always be your son, as he used to hate politics, go against you, and never show you that he never wanted to enter politics when I first met him. Kavya comforts Giriraj as Adi sees him.

Kavya said he stood by you when you needed him, and now he needs you. Won’t you support him? Adi is breaking down, but not because of his upbringing and values. He has always fought for women’s rights, and it would hurt his self-esteem, so please think about him, he doesn’t need Minister Giriraj, but his father, please support him, otherwise you will lose him forever. Adi cries and looks on in disbelief. Kavya says perhaps you will never forgive me, and I don’t care.

Kavya leaves. Badi Amma gives her a glass of water. Kavya says I know you have bribed Naina to blame Adi. Badi Amma laughs and says open a drama company. How will Adi win the elections in two days? Everyone discusses the case with the lawyer. Kavya says you stand in elections, and I’ll focus on Adi. Badi Amma is asked to rest, and Kavya signs Santu.

The lawyer says we have just two days; it will be tough, all the evidence is against us, and there is no evidence in your favour. Kavya says some drugs do not come in tox screens, and I know Adi can’t do such a cheap thing. The lawyer says I don’t want to give you false hope; settling this matter out of court would be better. Adi says no, he won’t do it. According to Kavya, the media has already blamed Adi for the incident.

The lawyer says there is no other way. They will return the case after taking compensation so Adi can run for office. Giriraj says no. I won’t compromise with those people, I won’t let my son become the target of anyone’s cheap conspiracy, and I won’t use my position to hide this case. As you have seen in the evidence, Adi cannot be proven innocent.

Badi Amma urges Santu to hurry up. She instructs him to obtain puja flowers and a coconut. Inquiring about the flower colour, Santu is told to go. He obeys. Kavya rebukes the lawyer, who responds that they must protect their client from imprisonment. Kavya emphasizes the importance of not allowing any innocent person to be punished and reminds the lawyer that Adi is their main priority. Malini informs Kavya that the hotel manager called her because Adi did not open the door to provide room service. However, according to Naina’s statement, Adi did not have time to order anything from room service.

She says Naina’s statement is incorrect. Lawyer says it’s a good point, but it’s not enough, did you see anything that doesn’t match Naina’s statement. She says I went there, it was dark. Malini asks if the curtains were closed. Kavya says yes. Adi feels suffocated by closed curtains. Malini says it means Naina closed the curtains if he was conscious.

Kavya says Malini proved we can find a solution. Lawyer says don’t worry, we’ll make all plans. Badi Amma says puja is done. Let me know what plans you have. You said you would sit in the room and do the jaap, so Kavya asks why you are here. You had to do a big puja, the eldest member of the family has to do it. Badi Amma prays for Adi. Kavya says come, I’ll drop you off. Santu locks the door. Badi Amma says I’ll see how she saves Adi. Santus locks the door.

When she calls Anurag, he says yes, I have bribed the hotel manager. Kavya cannot help Adi.


In a media interview, Kavya says she will support the truth.

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