Dabangii 30th November 2023: Zai’s Birthday Celebration and Ankush’s Hidden Truth

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Bela consolates Zai at the start of the episode. Zai wants a grand party tomorrow. Bela says we’ll celebrate your 10th birthday. Zai says send me to Tanmay’s house. Ankush asks what’s going on. He goes to Zai. Zai pushes him away. He leaves. Bela says I’ll take her for a while. Ankush asks what.

As Bela takes Zai to Satya’s house, she apologizes to Kasturi and says Zai is in a bad mood and wants to play with Tanmay. Kasturi says this is also your home. Zai is asked to leave. She thinks Bela won’t know what will happen when she learns about Ankush’s illegitimate child. Arya is an orphan. How can we get mad at her? She’s the daughter of an informer. Did both of her parents die?

She responds that Arya is a guest, not her sister. Bela says Zai didn’t eat anything, and I would pick her up at night. Kasturi asks why Ankush brought that girl home from boarding school. Bela asks what. Kasturi says yes, Ankush didn’t tell you anything, ask him. Bela wonders how she knows about Arya.

Kasturi says Ankush might have been enrolled there; the informer can’t afford such high fees; policemen have many secrets, and you like chilli pickles. Bela says no, he might have told me, maybe I forgot. Kasturi says he would have given me the name of the informer too. Bela says yes, I don’t remember. She goes. Kasturi says she is saving her liar husband, I have ignited a fire and will add fuel. Arya thinks I will not change my school dress.

Bela arrives and chats with Arya, sharing a laugh. She offers a new dress, but Arya declines, saying she is content with her current one. Bela insists on keeping the dress, to which Arya reacts with surprise and excitement, dancing in response. Ankush smiles at the scene. Meanwhile, Bela wonders why Ankush neglected to mention their daughter’s boarding school. Kasturi approaches Satya and expresses her concern that Bela will be upset when she learns about Ankush’s deception. However, Satya laughs it off, pointing out that Ankush’s two daughters are doing well – Zai is fine, while Arya is a spirited tigress they can use against him. Kasturi shows her affection by kissing his hand and smiling.

Arya says you are adorable; my mum would have liked you a lot; she was also like this. Bela asks what her name is. Arya says Chaya, she left, but I have my dad, he would be happy meeting me, I’m brave like him too. Dad, how does your father feel about me? Arya says don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret, my dad is a policeman, Kaka made me talk to him, he’s on a secret mission, nothing, I’ll sleep. Bela goes to Ankush. She says Zai’s birthday is tomorrow, so let’s keep a small party at home.

Since we have limited funds, Ankush says we’ve cancelled Zai’s camp, ordered pau bhaji and cake, and had a small party. Bela asks if you took Zai’s camp money and got Arya into boarding school, yes or no. Ankush says yes, what could be done, the situation was sensitive. Her parents were police informants, which is also the responsibility of the police. Was her dad an informer?

Her mum would have informed her, so it’s a secret. Akash says yes, he was my informant. She asks why she is saying her dad is a policeman, he says what will she say. She says Arya knows her mum is dead, and you didn’t tell her that her dad is dead. As he says, enough, this is my interrogation. She is an orphan, she is traumatized, will you listen to her or me? Kasturi leaves. Bela says yes. Kasturi sees Arya sleeping.

She says I heard Arya’s dad is a policeman, what happened, nothing should be hidden between husband and wife, you have always supported Ankush and shown faith in him, so I suspect he is hiding something from us. No, I do not interfere with his work and will clear up the misunderstanding. Kasturi fills her ears and says you are innocent, so I worry for her. She leaves. Bela says no, you might be wrong; I trust Ankush completely; I do not need to control him.

Zai wakes up and sees Arya sleeping beside him. She shouts. Bela stops her. Zai pushes Arya and makes her fall down the bed. Ankush and Baba arrive. Zai commands her to leave the house. Ankush says enough. Baba tells Arya that I will take her to my room. Arya says I swear, I didn’t do anything. I just fell asleep. Baba says, “I know you will sleep in my room. I’m afraid to sleep alone at night.” Arya laughs at him. She goes with him.

Ankush sees Bela and goes. Bela says she is a guest and will go. Arya doesn’t get sleep. Baba asks if you want anything. Arya thinks I can’t sleep now. He smiles, hearing her talk. He says close your eyes, and you’ll sleep. The woman says that her mother sang lullabies to make her sleep, so please do the same.

Bela recalls Kasturi’s words. She thinks something is wrong. Ankush is hiding something, but why? He sings. She closes her ears and laughs. She says enough, don’t sing, I’ll get nightmares if you sing like this.


A lady asks Satya to hurry up and get the party ticket. Kasturi says we had a big party for Zai. Zai looks happy. Satya thinks I will expose your secret and get the ticket.

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