Jhanak 14th January 2024: Jhanak Makes a Sacrificial Decision Amidst Family Turmoil

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Arshi reminds Anirudh whether he really will be joining the evening plan. Anirudh requests that she postpone their plan because he has an urgent task to accomplish. In fact, he lies to Arshi about searching for Jhanak. Arshi also wants to talk about the plans for their engagement day. However, Anirudha pretends to be busy. However, Arshi says that they will meet this evening.

However, Jhanak prepares to depart from the house by writing a letter of apology to Anirudh. Feeling guilty for causing trouble for Anirudh and Apu, she sacrifices herself to protect him. Even though her presence has caused Anirudh much hardship, she does not want to burden him further. After packing her belongings, Jhanak sets off to meet with him. Despite being insulted by Tejas, there is no option but to save their lives. With Tejas aware of their secret marriage, he could expose the truth at any moment. As she boards an auto, she faces numerous personal questions from the driver.

In the Bose household, discussions about Anirudh-Arshi’s engagement are in full swing. Anirudh’s parents are determined to make the celebration grand. However, they soon realize that Jhanak is missing. Apu persistently requests her mother to call for Jhanak as she refuses to have her meal without her. Amidst this, Apu also asks for food and new clothes for the engagement and is met with harsh insults from Anirudh’s parents. Anjana even vows to ban Apu from attending the party. Meanwhile, Vipasha searches for Jhanak in her room but returns with the news that she cannot be found.

While on the road, Choton notices her and asks where she is going. Jhanak lies to him. She boards the bus immediately. However, Choton continues to ask where she is going. Jhanak says she plans to meet Tejas in a hotel. Despite Choton’s desire to give her the company, Jhanak promises she will handle everything independently.

Tejas waits for Jhanak to arrive at the hotel. Later, Anirudh will receive the information.


Anirudh and Choton both begin searching for Jhanak in the street. Anirudh heads out from his office to search for Jhanak. Jhanak says she is ready to go anywhere with Tejas. Tejas mocks her insecure situation.

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