Jhanak 11th December 2023 Written Episode: Anirudh’s Brave Act Shocks Everyone!

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In the beginning, Jhanak runs towards Anirudh when she sees Tejas. After seeing Tejas, Anirudh says, “Jhanak, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone.” Tejas points the gun at him. As Jhanak says, do not harm Anirudh. Tejas says to leave Jhanak if you want to survive. It is fine if you want to die. He fills Jhanak’s maang with Sindoor from a stall. Tejas is shocked.

Anirudh proclaims that Jhanak is now his wife, and he will ensure her safety. However, Arshi interjects and inquires about his whereabouts. She expresses confusion about how Jhanak ended up with Sindoor on her forehead and questions the situation as Jhanak is supposedly married to Tejas. Tejas clarifies that he is not married to Jhanak and laughs in amusement. Anirudh assures them that he will explain everything. However, Arshi insists on leaving Jhanak to handle her own life and urges Anirudh to come with her without looking back. Tejas adds a snide remark about Anirudh’s only support abandoning him, but Jhanak begs for someone not to leave her alone. Tejas reassures her that he is by her side and she is not alone.

Jhanak awakens, her expression filled with fear. Anirudh inquires, “Are you alright? Did you have a nightmare? What caused you to scream?” Jhanak explains, “I must have dozed off without realizing.” Anirudh reassures her, “Then it was just a dream. Don’t worry, take a sip of water, and you’ll feel better.” He encourages her to lie down and envision something pleasant. Jhanak musters the courage to ask, “Can I confide in you? I couldn’t control the situation when we got married.” Anirudh responds caringly, “I never blamed you. It was an unexpected turn of events. We won’t discuss it with anyone.” Jhanak agrees solemnly, “Yes, don’t fret. I won’t disclose it to anyone.” They exchange nods in understanding.

Anirudh will be good meeting Arshi, Vinayak says. Shrishti says Tejas and his men have threatened Bharat. We are out of time, so I need to speak to Anirudh and find out what happened to Jhanak. Arshi says I trusted him, but he didn’t tell me what happened. Shrishti says we have to fix it if Anirudh helped Jhanak. Vinayak says Anirudh saved her life. Arshi says he got us stuck. He says let him come. We will sit and talk, and he’s a good person so that he will make a good decision.

Sherishti says you don’t know Tejas, my family is in trouble. He says Tejas is also a person, and we cannot be afraid of him, he is wrong, we should be afraid of him. Arshi says that we did not go to Kashmir to help Jhanak. She says I didn’t expect this from you, she lost her mother, she was forced to marry Tejas, Anirudh saved her. She says I am not in her position. Anirudh and Jhanak come to Kolkata. They leave in a taxi.

Arshi believes Anirudh’s involvement is inappropriate. Vinayak expected her to feel proud of Anirudh. Shrishti urges them to stop comparing Arshi with Jhanak, as she is not responsible for Anirudh. However, he expresses his sympathy for Jhanak, wishing she could have committed suicide and ended her suffering. Arshi points out that they cannot change Jhanak’s life, but their lives would have been altered if Anirudh had attempted to do so. She has faith in his willingness to help others. Shrishti speculates that Jhanak may have taken advantage of Anirudh’s kindness and ultimately caused his death by Tejas’ hands. Arshi decides to visit Anirudh’s house, and Shrishti offers to accompany her. They agree to meet outside the home.

Jhanak asks Anirudh what happened, didn’t she sleep well or have breakfast. He says I will handle everything, we had no choice, they will understand. She says Arshi and Shrishti will scold me. He says I will handle everything, we had no other choice.

He encourages her and reasons with himself, wondering why he’s overthinking the situation triggered by Urvashi’s letter. He reminds her of his strong sense of humanity and how he assisted her. Anirudh’s father expresses disbelief at his son’s actions, while his mother confides in Shrishti, who is worried. Anirudh disagrees with his brother about his decision to help the girl. Bipasha mentions the seriousness of Jhanak leaving her wedding. Anirudh reassures Jhanak that Arshi will bring joy and brightness into their lives.


Shrishti says Anirudh has helped Jhanak. Anirudh gets Jhanak home. Everyone is shocked when they see her. Anirudh says he will meet with Jhanak.

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